Nerf Nagasa (Matron)


I don’t know if it’s only me but 2 types of Nagasa mobs are too overtuned imo. They come often with the damage mit. circle so you have to focus them first but they have very high damage “particle beam cannon” as their damage.
The second one is the Nagasa with sandstorm which also can teleport away.

I mean it’s ok them having strong abilities with huge damage but they are also kinda very tanky! Like tankier than golems, rime giants, profane flesh and such. You could say what’s the big deal, it’s not that OP as a mob. BUT it starts getting pretty broken or almost impossible for some builds if you happen to run into “twins”, “regenerating” and 3-4+ of them. They begin to mitigate damage and regenerate so you can’t really poke-kill them. But if you go inside circle you get like 4 beams/tornados into your face.

I wouldn’t “nerf” their abilities since they are pretty cool and the high damage is ok but at least make them a bit less tanky or remove the “regenerating” perk from them. Like it’s the only mob which always feels like pain whereas other supposedly strong enemies feel very weak compared to them.

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