Nemesis should be immortal when you die

I died like 2 seconds before the Nemesis, it dropped all the gear and therefor I lost a really nice legendary. Nemesis should not be able to die after you, then you won’t lose the loot.


But if you die before the nemesis then it has vanquished you. I think that if you die to a nemesis then you should lose access to its loot, why they allow you to die and still claim its rewards I don’t really understand.

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Should go both ways. We had already suggested something like this for 1.0 content like Orobyss dropping 40 prophecy items at once only to kill us with some lingering shit after the fact.

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I agree with @MindBlayde.
There is no risk involved in Nemsis to begin with. The case of defeating it and then dying before looting is unfortunate and can be annoying I agree.

But not being at risk loosing the items if you challenge it an fail is something I donvt understand.

Last Epoch needs more mechanics that have risk and rewards.

Right now there is so little penalty for dying. This new system would make perfect sense for a risk/reward mechanic. Especially because you can see what you would get.

All other penalties so far are only using potential loot (echo rewards)


Disagree, at least for the casual elements and on lower then tier 4 dungeons. They suffer to same thing. Drop 10 frames due to latency and havs fun running 15 min back through the entire re-clear. They are also horrible to learn.

My idea you should be able to try bosses for a specific time limit. Maybe 5-15 min. That gives you around 5 attempts (assuming they also add a port back to boss room)

Not only can you see exactly what you’ll get, you can also upgrade it three times and then try it as many times as you need to get the loot. Zero risk / reward, just reward with zero risk.

You can only “upgrade” (empower) it two times, then you have to challenge (or banish) the nemesis.

It’s just not intuitive to have 0 penalty if you die and Nemesis survive but if it’s a draw you lose the items. To always lose the items if you fail is more clear but I don’t like the idea.

Imagine using Rune of Ascendances to find the Unique you want, and then finding a Nemesis which has an egg so you can Upgrade said Unique. Only to die to poison after killing it and seeing all your loot shine on the death screen. This is absolutely shattering.


This is not exactly what OP described, though. The case is that he died FIRST, then Nemesis died to some dot or smth, dropping all lot while he was already dead.

I agree there should be a risk/reward situation involved, but it really makes no sense regarding how the Nemesis system works right now, in which if you die to them, but they survive, you can still get your loot normally next time you find them, even if you were empowering something in the egg.

If it’s really intended to be that way, then I agree with OP, the Nemesis should become invulnerable the moment your character dies.

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