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Negative Protections

I’m not sure what caused this bug all of my elemental protections became negative and stayed that way until relog.

Before relog:

After relog:

We’re looking into this issue, it appears that if you have a debuff active and change zones (or die) the debuff persists. If you could confirm either of those that would be helpful, though I know that’s not the easiest to see.


I was doing the new endgame progressive dungeon system and wasn’t taking too much damage. All of a sudden I started taking massive damage from elements and was perma stunned. I died a second later due to this. If this bug is due to a debuff it would seem the debuff is overscaled putting me at far negative resists and -1000 stun avoidance.

Definitely happens to me on a death. If I die a couple of times, my character gets frosty-looking and elemental resists are all in the negatives.

Thanks, there’s a fix for this coming next patch.

I’m getting this as well, is happening on death. Thought it might be related to the legendary’s being used, i have Stormtide Boots on and they shock for 4 seconds on stop moving causing negative protection, therefore think this is related to shock stacking for some reason.

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