Needs Better Crafting Tutorial, Drop Upgrades Matching Class, and Some Story Cutscenes

Scroll towards the end of this review and you will see some CONs that seem like pretty easy fixes before release. This is a really good review.

I saw this review a while ago, never heard of this guy but I enjoyed what I watched.

The initial crafting quest could use an overhaul, you can just literally click on the forge and get the xp without even interacting with it.

Drop matching class, this is a huge topic of debate. First off, all gameplay in this video is very early in the game from what I remember, does he even hit monoliths? Monoliths seems to be the point where skill specific shards and more importantly, exalted items start to show up, which you can break down for some good stuff. Not to mention, each echo is in itself a form of target farming. This is where I feel you get a real sense of progression.

Also, do we really want straight up smart loot ala D3? I personally enjoy finding an amazing piece of gear for a different class, it gives me a dopamine hit that makes me want to try something out I had no interest in previously. This is an arpg after all, we are in it for the grind.

And finally the story, yeah it needs work in a lot of respects.

It would drastically change how I play if smart loot was implemented in such a severe way. I love finding items for other characters and going “Oooh, I wonder if I can…” when I get an interesting unique item.

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100% agreed. 2 days ago I found an amazing unique for lich. I gave Lich a try not too long ago and put her on hold because the dps for my setup just felt lackluster amd my clear was slow. Now I want to revisit her after I see how far I can push my void knight.

Plus, we have a great crafting system in LE. If every echo gave us more or less unlimited access to +1 to every active skill we use, the game as a whole would be trivialized.

I honestly feel LE is in a good place in terms of gearing, you just need to get to monoliths to really notice.

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