Need up drop rate of glyphs of hope

Why drop rate of those glyphs is so small? My blanks for craft accumulate much faster than i get glyphs of hope for craft them. And all my characters got new lvl faster than got good equip for another lvl-part of monolith. Every time i need linger for much time in some part of monolith for farming those glyphs because my during gear is not so good for higher lvl monsters and they will kill me. Now i have 14226 affix shards, 918 runes, 512 glyphs of chaos, 70 glyphs of order and 20-30 blanks for craft but only 6 glyphs of hope. I have very many materials and blanks for craft but have no this f***king glyphs of hope for craft something. Is it normal? I don’t think so.

I believe that crafting is another interesting part of this game but developers don’t give the player enjoy enough of it because deprive the player of a huge number of glyphs of hope. It’s very boring when your gameplay consist from ~90% of killing the same monsters on the same locations. Very often i don’t want to enter this game because i know that my glyphs of hope another will run out very quickly and i another will need spend much time for killing the same monsters on the same locations for farm it. It’s very boring and i think that it’s very big problem of this game now. Devs fix it please.

What are you spending them all on? Just yolo it with discovery until you’re at endgame and at that point you should be messing with exalted items and not trying to craft up from something lesser, it wont work. I basically dont pick them up anymore as I have over 500 of them. Monos drop them like crazy, AND you have mono nodes specifically for that.


What map levels are you generally running? Hope glyphs drop like candy at higher levels - to the point where I dont even notice them anymore and have never run out even if I use them with every craft… In fact, I end up rolling the dice with chaos glyphs to get the affixes I want more than I use Hopes to save FP…

Remember hopes are actually just a random to save FP (mainly) - they dont actually work every time in my experience anyway and at lower Tier crafts you dont actually need to use them - i.e. using them for T4/5 crafts is arguably better than “wasting” them on a T1/2

TLDR: You dont actually need Hopes unless you are going for T20+ level kinds of crafts - which are end game crafting and require more than just Hopes to get right…

Obviosly for craft my gear…It’s impossible to farm monolith with a random gear.

Man are you joking? For adequate build need only useful stats for all parts of equip. Exalted items drops with a random stats-set and 99%+ of those random stats-sets are useless for during build or for all builds. For creating useful gear always need craft items and almost all part of your equip need craft. You write as if it is possible to start farming a monolith with a full exalted gear. It’s not possible. For example: i pick up every exalted item but during 90+ lvls of my void knight and 80+ lvl of my forge knight i have no one exalted item with usefull stats-set for my builds. May be mololith drops exalted items like crazy but 99%+ of them are useless.

That’s just factually wrong. Everyone started with junk gear when they made their first character. AND, if you were not around for the crafting system prior to this, you have no idea how much harder it was to craft items to T20 let alone T15+. Fractures, fractures everywhere. CRACK Still haunts me.

No, I’m not joking. Monos are not hard. I repeat, monos are not hard. If you are having issues, then it might be the build you are running that needs to be tweaked. You don’t need full exalted gear to start monos. Whatever unique and rare gear you have is just fine. You wont be 1 shotting things, but I mean what do you expect? Set your filter to always pop up certain items on every character. Use rune of removal and hope you dont take off the T6/7 mod. Use Despair if it’s a decent enough side stat and you don’t want to risk chaosing or removing it. There ARE OPTIONS. If you want a ton of exalted gear, run dungeons. You dont have to clear the boss as the mods apply to all mobs within the dungeon until the boss room. Dungeons crap out LP unique and exalted.

In short: L2P

  1. 90+ lvl of void knight and 80+ of forge knight and the same lvl of maps. And i didn’t see any “drop like candy” on this lvls. It’s lie.
  2. About chaos glyphs: is it joke? It’s impossible to start create normal gear with chaos glyphs. Random stats on the item for building? Seriosly?

For this random save FP people use those glyphs. It’s impossible to craft normal equip (3+ affixes with T4+ lvl) without this saving because without glyphs of hope all FP always end earlier than you get normal item.

Nice joke =)

P.s. You wrote so much nonsense that i don’t want to continue discuss with you. Sorry.


Sorry, I spit some soda at work when I saw that last line. <3 Vapour, but LOL

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  1. Factually wrong? Seriosly? It’s impossible to craft adequate gear without it.
  2. I know about starting with junk gear. I told not about it. Problem is about that you need to be a nolifer for crafting some better than junk gear because there is too small drop rate of glyphs of hope. It’s very boring and many overviewers on the youtube tell the same things. I can tell more: much people leave from this game because there is too big grind-wall for normal equip. Normal, not best…
  3. I know about previous craft system but new system not much better because have no many differenses. In new craft system no fracturing and no breaking but there stayed small chances for crafting something normal. In 90%+ happens all FP ends for 1-3 tries to craft.
  4. Glyphs of hope not only for T20+ gear. It’s for all gear. Impossible to start craft normal items without it because in 90%+ happens all FP ends for 1-3 tries to craft.
  1. Monolith is not hard only for the suitable gear but for creating this gear need many glyphs of hope and there is too small drop rate of these glyphs in our game. About this problem i told higher. =)
  2. I have very good build and have no some problems with fast and safe killng the same lvl mobs. Don’t worry.
  3. I tried all crafting things that you wrote but it were not help to get suitable gear faster.
  4. I setted my loot filter for all items that i need for my build. Don’t worry.
  5. You wrote

and after it you wrote

It’s mutually exclusive statements. I don’t know how to comment it…

P.s. Thank you for your tries to help me, I appreciate it, but you wrote so much erroneous and false statements that i don’t want to continue discuss with you. Sorry.

Ok kids. Don’t feed the troll.

Hello @xpalach, glyphs of hope are pretty rare, when you start your char, during the entire story progress and during early MoF and those are the times where you can craft a lot of easy gear upgrades.

But during this time you are also not really forced into using them, since just crafting a few times on a decent item can be an improvement already.

Once you go into later endgame, they will drop fairly frequently and can also be target farmed with echo rewards. Items you have equipped become better overall it will also become harder and harder to craft gear that will be an upgrade.

Overall, having a ressource that matters, in that case glyph of hope is something that is good, otherwise you don’t need to make any considerations and just burn all your ressources without thinking about it, at that point why do you have ressources in the first place?

You need to find a balance between sinking alot of ressources into an item that very unlikely will become an upgrade and only crafting on items, that already dropped excellent.
But finding this balance is the interesting part.

My question to you now would be: What are your criterias to even start crafting on an item?
Items with desired affixes on them already will be a much better starting item and generally speaking rare items have a lot mroe starting FP to begin with.

From a few statements it sounds like you start crafting on very bad items, and try to make them good, but the crafting system is supposed to be used with items that already have usefull starting properties. (The higher the rarity/affix tier of an item the more FP they have)

Also while the Glyph Of Hope is the most used glyph, doesn’t make the other options bad, they are just way more situational.

The glyph of chaos only rerolls the affix on the item into another affix, this is very useful for a lot fo slots.
Some slots only have about 10-15 affixes in the total affix pool and a glyph of chaos cannot roll into the same affix it started with and if there already is a 2nd prefix/suffix, that one can also not be rolled anymore.
This means on some item slots you have less than 10 or 15 possible results.

Especially when an item has 2 or 3 desired stats and 1 undesired stat a glyph of chaos will be your best chance to make it a perfect item, since a Rune Of Removal does have a risk of removing desired affixes.


I beg to differ. I’ve been getting this constantly recently. I’ll chaos t1 smelter’s wrath off and t3/4 it pops right back up. It’s gotten to the point that it’s been nearly guaranteed to hit the same affix the next chaos use.

I was solely talking about one individual craft, not multiple successive crafts.

What I wanted to highlight with this, when an item has 15 prefixes in total, you can roll 14 different ones. If the item also has a second prefix, this one can not be rolled, so you have 13 different outcomes.

Also one thing to note here is, that Glyph of Chaos still uses affixes rarity, so the outcome is weighted.

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Seriously dude? Are you just trying to be a troll? or are you honestly looking for help/constructive suggestions to the issue you are having?

When experienced players offer advice, responding with crap like this is just a waste of everyones time…

I have a feeling this is the crux of the OPs problems… Besides obviously just being a troll…

Yes… that’s why they exist. In a nutshell people are giving you suggestions on how to craft appropriate gear, because that’s how the rest of us do it, while you are focused entirely on doing it just one way. You have all these other tools that can help you make good gear, use them. It works, that’s why nobody else is complaining about hope glyphs.

  1. They exist for nothing because they are spend the forge potential. For what need spend FP with random affixes? For turning the item with good base stats from useful thing to useless trash? Where is the logic? I used those glyphs 0 times since they were added.
  2. That advice from those people is a useless trash and it will not help to all people for creating a good equip. And if you learned more about mechanics of this game you were understand it and didn’t write your nonsense.
  3. I just focused entirely on doing it just one way because we have only 1 way to start create a good equip in this game. Hello!
  4. You can’t know about that all people use the way with glyphs of chaos because you are not a developer. Stop lie.
  5. It works only in your fantasies and no more. It’s just a super-luck and hope for this is very stupid and useless. And not only me complaining about hope glyphs because i have 8 likes under first post now. Are you blind? Minimum 8 people agree with me. And many players don’t come to this forum and many players don’t write something about their complains. Man if you have no some facts and logic just don’t write something. Your absurd nonsense not interesting for me.

P.s. You wrote so much absurd nonsense that i don’t want to continue the discuss with you. Don’t answer please. You are not interersting for me.

WTS some )

That’s not actually how it works (apparently, I had to check), the “8 likes” are for the thread in total & they are 4 for post #2, 1 for #7, 2 for #10 & 1 for #12, all of which are either disagreeing with you or trying to help you understand.

I think we might have a slight miscommunication. Please be respectful in your replies even if you don’t agree. It’s fine to disagree about this.

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There are no some disrespect in my posts. Stop be biased and lie.