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Need the return of red haired Knight

I really hate the new Sentinel Model /:
I bought a Voidwalker pack mainly because female knight + Void powers.
Now,I’m orphan of my favorite class T_T
I’m not sure to want to follow the development again…I don’t give a shit anymore.
The Acolyte is nice but my female Void Knight was better!

Edit:And I try to play the Sentinel since the update…to learn to love him but sorry I JUST CAN’T!!!
And I don’t understand the need to change from Female to Male.

Maybe the Rogue will be nice if I want to play another girl but I doubt to be able to use her as main.
My main was a Red Haired Girl in heavy armor with a two handed sword…
Tired to see female characters always get the role of Death Magic User (Necro Path of Exile hello) or Ranged/Bow User (Bow Girl from Path of Exile hello again).
No,I’m not feminist…just loved the old “knight” class better…it was more original…

Yea same here. I tried to switch over to Acolyte, but you can’t melee with one very effectively. Tried doing it with massive leech, and with ward…but nope. They also got no actual melee skill, unlike the rest of the classes. The only saving grace is the instant kill on several passives, and hungering soul when your hit (which I’m not sure is even working >.<).

Would love to figure out a build, but I can’t. Hopefully rogue will still be female for some diversity :smiley:

For now,I’m waiting to see the Bladedancer.
I much prefer two handed weapons but ambidexterity can be fun too :slight_smile:

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Yea i miss the previous knight form. You are not alone.

To preface I did like the aesthetics of the red hair knight. The following may be a bit of a rambling, and reveal I played a lot of Blizzard games. Not offended if you completely disagree with my take either.

Unless they are going to remake the build of the original red haired knight to be bulkier, like say Zarya from Overwatch, Sonya from Heroes of the Storm, or Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones, I’d rather not have a female model for this class. The feminine figure of the original is just a little immersion breaking for how the class functions. The three examples listed I think did it well for an empowered and formidable female figure, but this isn’t exactly going to have broad appeal to the player base. Also, I am pretty sure this game isn’t going to go the League of Legends route and have scantily-clad, lithe babes wield massive armaments, and endure strenuous physical and magical bombardment in combat.

I believe the new Sentinel model could use some work to make its physical attributes look more fitting to the class. His legs in particular are just too lean in relation to the proportions of his chest, in my opinion.

I’d expect the Sentinel to have some level of visual brawn on par with the current iteration of the Primalist, but with more polish, which the Sentinel does have. Anyway, I do get a feeling that this current iteration of the Sentinel, with its leanness, comes across as a re-imagining of the Paladin from Diablo 2. Finally, I think Warcraft, particularly Arthas’ model, embodies the kind of robust build of a knight and its variations that this class could best visually represent.

It’s a game…a 10 year kid can fight with a 10 tons sword you know.
Not sure why you need realism…seriously…they use “MAGIC”!
Fireball,Bone Golem…how so much for realism!
A female warrior not bulky is totally okay.
At this rate why the Shaman with the wolf is so ugly bulky fat?
A female Shaman would be better…you don’t need muscle to command Nature Magic and Pets…

Okay, I wasn’t expecting what appears like hostility to be given in response to what I said above, as to why I preferred and elaborated my agreement with the direction to replace the old knight model with a prototypical male figure. I wasn’t even saying I didn’t want a female character as that class. I’d actually like it, only if they made her figure more robust and, yes, ‘realistic’ for her role. I want narrative realism in my unrealistic fantasy environments.

My point was there is a consensus idea as to what attributes a warrior-like, brawler figure represents in a medieval/fantasy-esque hack-and-slash. Unless you are going for the sex appeal trope where nothing of the characters visual makes sense, and it is just there to arouse the players.

The argument you are taking this in would lead the paraphrased statements, 10 year old kids play this game, why need realism, they use magic, to why not consider then having aliens, futuristic robots, and lasers. Anything goes. Why can’t the Sentinel be represented as a giant baby? Why does the game use swords and maces when I could rather equip an umbrella or lollipop. No realism there, and can be explained away by magic. Maybe some people would actually like this, but it would be immersion breaking to others as I was trying to explain in my first post. A bulkier build simply gives the character an identity in this role that they are accustomed to wielding heavy armaments, and physical exertion.

Also, a bulky character doesn’t imply the character model needs to be ugly or big. The proportions are what matter. Again, being drawn to Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft for my example. Alexstrasza is a much bigger female and certainly has a fan base. Ironically her character however is an example of an equally improbably beauty standard as to a barbie.

I have no objection to a female Shaman (or any class being female.) In this case it would embody in my mind the example I used of Sonya more closely. According to my reasoning, the character would still have a bulkier model as the class still uses significantly physical demanding skills in the base class Primalist, and the ascended master class Beast Master.

Anyway, my conception of why the model was replaced is probably not even close to the mark to why they did it. This was just my theorizing. They stated the change was due to some canonical reasons arising from differences between a Knight and a Sentinel. Really they chose a male model now because Magic.

Would like to know those canonical reasons…
For now,my favorite class is dead.
I just cannot identify myself to a bulk of testosterone chemically enhanced.
On Path of Exile,I play Necro,Deadeye,Trickster and Scion (with a two handed sword).
I would loved to play the giant old gramp (Templar) I think he has a lot of charisma but I just don’t feel him when I’m doing a run…
Same here with the Primalist,I love Class Pet and Nature User but…I cannot play him more than 10 mn without thinking “my my…but why he’s so huge?” he’s a werebear?
And I swap character because I’m not invested.
Maybe you will think it’s stupid but I create a story to all my characters ^^
And if I don’t know the past of a class,my imagination gone wild xD

Edit:The thing that bug me with the Primalist being so muscular is in his story “The woman and her son lived as pariahs”…serious?
Pariahs from India…they are not so muscular and huge…
How he can be so tall and bulky while eating radish and potato soup ?

The word ‘pariah’ means outcast; a person who is generally avoided.

Last Epoch is set in the fictional world of Eterra. The game does not take place on Earth, and no countries from Earth exist in Eterra. Any similarities to a real country are coincidental.

Okay but the word “pariah” is strong.
And without knowledge of the world it can be misunderstood …

Btw,any place to find why the change from “she” to “he” for the armored class?
I read the class description,it’s the same thing than before but just with that change.

Not exactly sure about this since its been a while since I saw the old model. But isn’t the old female sentinel the shop keeper now?

If anything red hair helps to define an outcast, after all red haired women used to be burned alive at the stake for being witches. Obviously this is a different universe, but some people interpret things based on our world (aka their own narrative).

I’m very interested in more lore for the game, so I’m all ears if there’s more of a reason the dark skinned male fit the sentinel. It could be perhaps the kingdom they are originally from, where that is the standard race.

I believe the paladin in diablo 2 was dark skinned as well because of the part of the world he hailed from.

I think Verveine was just upset that their fav had be replaced with something else. That shouldn’t be hard to understand.

I actually think the current iteration of the sentinel is one of the most powerful classes atm in terms of raw dmg. I’m in a process of testing the damage threshold of each class.

I’m with Verveine that this game did have some different variety that made it standout from other ARPG’s. The skill system is a pretty good example of that. It uses a tree, but in a different way then we are used to (aka levels).

The gear also is quite unique not just in assortment, but in how you can fine tune and customize. This isn’t something you have to wait till the end of the game to do either (like most others).

I understand why you chose to go with more of a male cast of characters than female, because most of your consumers are male. But without proper data, that’s a bad bad assumption.

I know its too late to change the mind of the devs, but please keep some visual variety in the game. I like how the acolyte is coming along in design, I’m just not a fan of her current armor in game (not a fan of the plates on top of the robes).

@Silvist Amen!
I don’t refuse to play men…I played all the assassins from Assassin’s Creed series ^^
I 'm happy to be able to play a woman in Odyssey for a change.
Here,I was happy to play a female armored warrior because most of the time when classes are gender locked the warrior is a male and female are always healer or ranged user.

Btw,cannot wait to see the rogue :slight_smile:

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