Need somthing in hand 'unarmed'


Unarmed fighting, with only a shield, is missing something. Please give us some main hand item that can be equipped and is no weapon. Maybe a sling to feed our falcons, to lure them back. Or at least, let us carry the falcon, when its not fighting. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Pretty sure unarmed means unarmed.

unarmed: not equipped with or carrying weapons.

Keyword not equipped. Also meaning a tether, as a sling is a weapon.

Next, you’ll be crying about the Falcon never pooping on your boots…


Thats exactly idea we need add to game. It could be buff.

Well, if you are willing to pay for cosmetics, why not some cosmetic that counts as unarmed? I just say: It looks silly to run around with only a shield. In other games, monks for example are unarmed fighters using hand wraps. That looks really unarmed, and the wraps also count as 2 handlers. It would be easy to replace shield or quiver by handwraps in that slot. If you don’t like that, just don’t vote. :roll_eyes: