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Need some pointers on current Crit Erasing Strike VK build

Hey everyone, I’d like to get some pointers from people who understand this game way better than me on what stats/gear I should be looking out to get on my current build:

it’s an Erasing strike crit build, I finally managed to get my Apathy’s Maw axe today after a week of non-stop farming Orobro, however quite unfortunate, I got unlucky on my legendary craft roll on it, so ill be trying to get a new one with at least 2LP.

Other than that I’d love to hear suggestions on what stats I should be looking to get to improve the build, any help/feedback is super appriciated.

Heyo Snipermexi,

so I would say, that the character looks really solid.
The build looks very well thought out. ( I assume you most likely took some heavy inspiration from other people here?)
Alot of the skills and synergies you use are incredibly meta and not to my personaly liking, but it is objectively strong.

There are no major flaws.
But I think some of the items, especially the base types could be optimised a lot more.
I assume you use all of these exalted items, because they just have enough FP to craft them into what ever you want.

Because I see a lot of almost useles stats on a lot of these items, which is not a major deal, but I would say a medicore rare item with 4 desired stats is better in most cases than a exalted item with only 3 out of 4 desired stats.

Also the base types of the Relic and the Gloves could definitely be improved.
You could easily cap your endurance with a pair of Engraved Gauntlets.

And for the relic either a more offensive choice like Tainted Effigy or Dread Banner probably has a lot more value.

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Hey Heavy, thanks for your input, much appriciated, I completely agree with your analysis and you’re spot on, I used this build to as a reference to follow and try to build:

They have a video on youtube showcasing the build and its abilities.

Yes I have a bunch of exalted mostly because I try to use them as a base to craft something I want, obviously its hard to find exactly the stats I need, almost daily I switch at least 1 piece because I find something very slightly better, it’s a slow ongoing process.

ill try to find a better relic and gloves for sure, seems like I can get way more value with the ones you listed!

again, thanks a lot!

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Would you say it’s worth to switch my current relic to Anchor of Oblivion?

It is definitely worth considering, you get some modest dmg scaling, while the defensive properties of that item are superb.

If you are going with Anchor Of Oblivion, you should definitely maybe try to get some more flat armour, to really make the defensive properties shines through. (You could probably reach like +10-15% more damage mitigation by armour with that). And then you can puzzles around with the rest of your suffixes to fully optimize your defensive setup.

One important question here would be: Can you afford dropping 2 points in Void Cleave (Warped Decay) and still reliably stack 12 stacks of Time Rot on enemies.

I am not familar with this exact skill setup, so I don’t know if you can actually keep 12 stacks of timerot consistent on a target.
You might need to get some Time Rot on hit idols to compensate for that.
Also the passive Rot Ripples (Time Rot duration) can help you giving you higher consistent Time Rot stacks as well.

TL:DR The defensive values are worth it, but you might need to adjust and collect several new gear pieces to make it work. If you want more damage, simply for for one of the base sentinel relics I suggested above.

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Damn I didn’t think about it, you’re right, I tested it and i’m having more trouble keeping higher Time Rot stacks, which I really need to hit the big crit numbers, so i’m actually fighting against my own build in a way.

I can make it work, but only if I luck out and get some gear to compensate as you said.

seems like as much as I’d like it, it’s not worth it at this moment because I lack the key items to make it work better.

That’s ok, I would just keep all of that in mind while collecting more gear.

I think it is always good to have several different paths in mind for any given build and try to simultaneously collect gear for all of them.

So keep an eye out for good Time Rot on hit idols.
If you wanna commit to that build you could also possibly think about using Omnis (for +1 to skills to mildy compensate the loss of +2 to Void Cleave from the relic)

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