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Need some insight for a Void Knight 'DoT build'

Hi, i will start by saying that i’m not trying to make the best build for a VK i just want to have fun with this idea of mine: I wanted to build around Warpath and proc as much DoT with high AS and some decent physical damage.

I used Abyssal Echoes with Impair the Weak (5% of total DoT damage as On Hit) but when i used on boss i don’t seems to see i huge spîke on my DpS. I tried on the Dummy but it’s it’s really hard to see anything (DpSmeter will be really helpfull for DoT damage).

I also wanted to use Smite (with Fissure) node in Warpath but i can see a Huge Mana problem if i just want to spam Warpath without downtime. I think it doesn’t exist but can we have Mana on Hit with equipment ? Or some sort to counter the negate Mana regen on Warpath ? (without using 2H mana node)

And lastly, is that build is even remotely viable ? I’m not aiming to the Final Endgame (because i become bored pretty fast) but i still want to enjoy a part of it.

Thank in advance for your reply. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure you’d see a “huge spike”, but with Impair the Weak if you can get a high enough attack speed (such that you do more than 20 hits over the duration of Abyssal Echoes) you’d get more damage from that node.

As Abyssal Echoes is a spell it will depend on adaptive spell damage and vitality for its base damage while Warpath will depend on added melee damage. Hybrids tend to be less “effective” than pure builds, but without your build it’ll be a bit difficult to give too much advice.

No, there’s no mana on hit (apart from the Time & Faith passive & similar prefixes) but Warpath does have several nodes that reduces it’s mana cost (Unchained & Reckless Spin) plus there’s the Inscribed Tablet relic which will lower the cost a bit (which can’t go negative to generate mana).

Warpath can now regenerate mana, but the node is far from the center (up left)

Which he didn’t want to use:

It’s also had that node for a very long time (though it was in the bottom right before the Warpath rework).

I’m sure you can imagine the quantity of things I do but don’t want to.
My current job, for example. But I’m working on it.

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Yeah, I’m with you on that. I still haven’t worked out a way on getting rid of the kids in a wife-acceptable way…

Thanks for the reply! And yeah i think i was to greedy. I even wanted to include Devoring Orb at some point. x) The general idea behind my build was to use dual wield with scepter, with a focus on Vitality/Void Damage/Damage Over Time Increase for the offence.

Warpath was alluring because i liked a build in PoE who you just run without stoping and kill everyone in your path. For mana, i tried ‘rewind’ (not sure of his actual name) but it’s a little bit clunky to use because it also revert your position (a node for stoping that will be great :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Right now i think i will drop warpath for one of the 0 mana basic attacks. What to you think will be the best in that optic ? Multistrike with Sword → Smite or Rive with Smite as a movement ability ? Or even just drop the melee aspect and just use regular Smite ?

For a DoT build, I went with Forgotten Knight set and Rive, which also doubles void dot damage on the top left branch.

I coupled that with the Echoes buffs and the repeat cast nodes, Anomaly, Erasing Strike & Sigils of Despair. It requires some (defensive) points in Paladin, but as you aren’t going crit, that is less of an issue.

I have a planner somewhere if you like

I don’t mind having that expecially because i didn’t know that Erasing Strike could synergize with DoT Build. Also if it really need the set to work i don’t really have that in my stash (i’m rather casual).

Not a necessity, but built towards it:

Rive/Echoes builds up dots, Erasing is a bit of a finisher on big (weaker) packs, Anomaly for rares/bosses, Sigils as ‘passive’ buff. I’m not completely happy with it atm, as it lacks movement OR tanky skill, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

Ironically, Erasing strike is the AoE, while Echoes is the elite killer (cast it, then Rive-spam to consume all pulses) but it is somewhat worthwhile. I did try Devouring Orb instead, but it eclipses the Rive so bad, it’s just so bad I expect a nerf on that soon.

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