Need some help with HC Paladin build

I have a lvl 32 Paladin and I’m in HC. I wanted to build the character by myself but i’m struggling to find something that would fit my needs. I want to ask you in which skills should i focus on considering I want to build a character with the following characteristics:

  • Very tanky (cause i’m in HC and I can’t die);
  • With high self sustain (ways to heal myself without depending on the potions);
  • That uses a melee skill and will literally only focus on it (I want to specialize my build in only 1 attack skill but IDK which one is better: vengeance or rive);
  • That uses a shield (I prefer 1 hand cuz i like the shield style).
  • I dont want the highest dmg in the game or super fast clear speed, but I want as high as possible survivability so I don’t die. When i reach 100 i try to improve the build to reach higher dmg.

Any ideas of what skills should i consider in my build and what ‘path’ i should follow to build?

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Welcome to the LE community!

If you prefer being extra save vengeance is the way to go.

It gives you ridiculous amounts of damage reduction, especially when you use it as a main skill and don’t let the DR drop off.

It also can grant you good sustain with a little bit of attack speed, with things like “Time And Faith” Passive from the Sentinel Passive Tree and also getting some Health On Hit can be very good.

Time And Faith Passive will also serve as a mana regenerator, which allows you to use defensive skills.

Here are some sugggestions for supplementary skills:

  • Holy Aura is a defensive powerhouse and also can add alot of offense.

  • Ring Of Shields is really strong, especially when you focus on the block/heal side of things.

  • Shield Bash is really good, since it offers guaranteed stuns, to interupt bosses, it also can grant you guaranteed blocks, can give alot of health on stun etc.

  • Shield Throw is a really strong skill, you can even scale it’s damage with block chance and it has crazy good synergies with Shield Bash. Shield Throw can serve as a low cooldown AoE clearing tool, if you don’t wanna use it as a main dmg skill. Shield Throw also can Grant you haste, which is very hard to come by as Sentinel.

  • Abyssal Echo can be a nice skill, for some AoE pulls or ignites, you can also slow enemies considerbly with temporal blight

  • Rebuke is also an easy pick, you can basically facetank every bosses abilitiy with it

Man, thank you very much for the guidelines. I’ll follow it and try to build my character with something close to a build called “Zealot” that i found here in the forum.

I’ll use vengeance, shield bash and holy aura for sure.

Is the healing hand any useful in this case? (solo play)

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Before you unlock all you skill specialisation slots i would say it can be quite usefull, but as soon as you can have 5 specialised skills i would consider it wasted, since Healing Hand has no skill spec tree.

The only situation where i could see this being used would be if you can trigger one of you specialised skills passively, so you don’t need to have all 5 of them in yoru action bar.

But generally speaking it’s not worth.

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