Need recommendation for a gaming laptop

Currently, I’m looking for a suggestion to purchase my gaming laptop. I have already checked out some good devices from Asus and Lenovo, but I’m in confusion about which one should I take. I couldn’t decide yet because I don’t have enough knowledge in this area. Below I have included what specs should have on my new laptop and the game lists, Which I want to play without frame dropping or other issues. Please check and suggest to me the best one

Spec’s Requirements:

Processor: Core i7, i9 or Ryzen 7, 9

Display: FHD / OLED

Storage: At least 1 TB

RAM: At least 16 GB

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce RTX3050TI at least

Game lists:

World War
Last Epoch
Ever Quest
The Witcher 3
Dying Light
Hitman 3
half-life alyx

Is this site providing Zephyrus g14 legal price, caused I have faced some issues on price with our country reseller, they’re asking too much price than the official price. Should take from here, I am also seeking this advice

I have already posted on some gaming and pc communities. But still, I didn’t get any good suggestions about this price.

Hope I will receive my best suggestions from lastepoch community. Thanks in advance

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First of all, you need to say how much you can spend on the laptop.
227500 ৳ = 2356,43€ thats what the laptop coast in your link.
If you want to spend that money you should look for Lenovo Laptops.
I only hear good stuff about them.

Last year i bought a MSI GP76 Leopard. Pretty good laptop im happy with. Playing AoE2 DE, PUBG, Rocket League, PoE and LE currently on it. Sadly i have to switch to my pc for LE. Some areas are unplayable on my laptop.
Gaming PC is an i7 7700k, 2070RTX, 16GB

Buying a laptop specifically for gaming, is, imho, NOT something you should be doing unless you have cash to burn and have no other choice - i.e. you need to be mobile. I simply do not recommend it - purely because you are sacrificing a LOT for mobilility and mobile components are never as powerful or as capable as their desktop counterparts… E.g. a 3050-Ti Laptop GPU is about 25% slower than a 3050 Desktop GPU. Cooling for laptops also mean they are either loud under load or go into thermal throttling mode (even further reducing performance) to prevent problems under typical gaming load / long playtimes. and I am not even going to discuss power / battery shenanigans and issues.

Price vs performance is also a factor - the laptop you reference costs about the same as it is advertised in my country but for that price, I could get a 3080/12th Gen Intel/32GB/NVME system and still have leftover cash… I would personally never consider spending that kind of money when I knew I could get far better performance for gaming elsewhere.

The spec of the laptop you reference will handle all the games that you list purely from a Recommended Spec requirement - how WELL they play is an entirely different thing. For example, Last Epoch is likely to play ok on Low settings @ about 60fps… but it would suffer and be pretty bad if you wanted to play at Ultra settings.

So… if you MUST get a laptop, you WILL have to compromise somehow - and it may end up being that you have to compromise on performance & play games at lower settings than you may want to…


Yeah, unless you need to be mobile, a desktop will always outperform a laptop for lower cost.


4 paragraphs condensed into 1 sentence… did Readers Digest offer you employment?

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Vapour you should expect something like that coming from a Llama.


I always do… he’s like the Dad that checks in on you and clips you behind the ear every so often to keep you in line… it shows he cares…



Lets not go too far, it’s a stretch “caring” for my own progeny sometimes.

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I too am wondering why it has to be a laptop?

if you absolutley cant have a desktop, then I would suggest getting the best bang for your buck laptop, that has a thunderbolt 3 connection so you can run a dedicated gpu on your laptop using Razer Core X External Graphics Card Enclosure with Thunderbolt 3 Connection for Windows 10 and Mac.

pair it with a $300 dedicated gpu and a laptop with good cpu, ssd, and ram such as this GIGABYTE U4 UD - 14.0" Thin Bezel FHD IPS-Level i7-1195G7 Intel Iris Xe Graphics 512 GB PCIe SSD Win 10 Home Laptop (U4 UD-70US823SH) which in usa prices are $600 for this, and you have yourself a nice $1200 desktop replacement, that can be upgraded by simply getting the best bang ofr buck laptop with the best cpu, and solid ram, and ssd again in the future in like 4 years.

This is actually a pretty decent alternative… That is, if a desktop replacement solution would work for whatever the OPs situation is. Obviously isnt ideal for pure mobility with performance wherever you seat your butt, but it does provide a way to get more bang for the buck and still be more mobile than a desktop.,

I dont personally have any experience with the GPU enclosures but they seem to work from what I can see based on reviews etc…

My question is the graphics requirement… why a 3050? A 2000 series GPU will run the game “fine”. I’ve yet to see a 3000 series GPU in a laptop that doesn’t try to incinerate the world. Did you pick 3050 minimum arbitrarily? If so, I suggest swapping for a 2060/2070.

Side note: if you’re getting a 3000 anyway, just get a desktop and save yourself the trouble. you’re not gonna play this game on a laptop with a 3k series laptop anyway off of the charger. it wont be so mobile anymore…

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If you are often on a stable connection, I would also recommend a cheap laptop and install Geforce now.
Low energy consumption, Low heat production, etc.

It’s just an option, depending on your needs.

i have a Lenovo (Legion) laptop and i’m happy with it.

Intel(R) Core™ i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

get used to fan noise though :frowning:
on of the main reasons i’m happy with it, is that it runs Linux quite well (and yes, i run LE under Linux)

and i paid much less than your budgeted price.

one of the very significant reasons i’m NOT happy with it. i had all sorts of disk error problems with the HDD right out of the box. i ran diagnostics on the HDD and it looked fine. still with the errors. replaced the HDD and have no problems since.

the moral of that story is not “don’t buy Lenovo”, it’s “don’t buy seagate” (I replaced it with a WD).

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