Need real Multiplayer

Right now you just can play with others if you have them as friends. Of course you can also look into forums, discord or in the chat but thats not going to happen. You sometimes just want to join quickly a game for farming, XPing or helping other people

At the very least you should add something like in PoE with the board (seeing others created games and join them), matchmaking would be also cool like in D3. Ideally you would have both options in the game.

IMO that should be the top priority. Right now the game feels really like a solo game and will become at least for me quickly boring. It obviously was my mistake for thinking a game like Last Epoch would have real mutliplayer in 2024 :/.

Its my number 1 issue with the game right now.

It’s been a while people been asking for this, and they’re sure working on it.
So far, there’s only the chat channel “Looking for group”, but devs said they’ll find a way to make it happen, from what they responded in this thread:
No-matchmaking - Reddit

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Oh thanks alot, glad to hear !.

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