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Need protection in the game from dishonest players! and will there be Russian localization?

Dear developers, Please make Protection from cheats,the game is very easy to hack. And will the game be in Russian? a lot of unpleasant moments in the chat game because all together in all languages. and everyone writes on their own.

You’ll have to wait for the Online-only mode (server authoritative multiplayer) to arrive sometime this year. All saves are currently offline and thus easy for people to manipulate.

As far as I know, any localization implementations will not be part of the 1.0 launch for the game. However, they will occur sometime after launch.


100% лок будет !!! вопрос во времени и будет ли к этому допущена ярая аудитория для поддержки данного проекта, если так то я думаю это случиться гораздо быстрее!

The game is pure single player at the moment.
Why do you care if someone cheats?

I dont care what you guys do … at all :stuck_out_tongue:

For me, i also don’t really care at the moment as you said, because the game is pure single player. Cheaters don’t affect the way how i play the game, because i’m mainly testing my builds about how far they can come in arena for feedback to the devs rather than pushing the leaderboards.
You also have to consider the image of the game and people that try to earn money with their content. I can imagine high ranked players not being amused by that situation cause they clearly can’t claim their rank1, rank2 whatever title legitimately since the cheaters are not getting removed from the list.
‘‘Technically Rank 1 (but rank 15 because 14 cheaters are above me)’’ doesn’t look good for their profile and also not good for the game. Arena gets ignored by players if devs don’t react immediatly, because…who wants to take effort and time into something where you clearly can’t win. And from a developers perspective you don’t want content that you create for the playerbase being ignored. I think it’s really important to react quickly about this cheating topic and talk open about that.

There are leaderboards. People want to compete against others.