Need opinion on lightning spellblade build

Been enjoying flame reave/firebrand with Volcanus build so far but I really think shock as ailment is more valuable than ignite since I’m impatient with DoT.

I apologize if I should check for lightning spellblade build first before I ask this - should I just convert from fire to lightning in flame reave and fire brand or go with manastrike, lightning blast, etc instead? And I doubt Sunwreath ring won’t work well with flame reave if converted to lightning since the mods on ring are fire.

Both skills have conversion. You can do this just fine.

I just tested this pretty thoroughly. Lightning specced flamereave/firebrand work exceptionally well. Shock is great and sunwreath fits just fine unless you really need the suffix slots. The animations/sounds for each skill are more aesthetically pleasing to me as well. The lightning version I tried with Surge/Lightning Blast indexed far too heavily into proccing Lightning Aegis for the idols and I wasn’t impressed. The only major pain point I felt vs fire was the strain to get 300 mana as the lightning shred blessing fills the same slot. If you’re using Wings of Argentus it’s worth noting that Firebrand loses the fire tag but Flame Reave retains it as the base damage is not converted.

Ahh I see. I’ll try the conversion first. Thanks for let me know your experience with both builds. Yeah I’m trying to reach 300 mana as well. I think I’m around 240. I guess I don’t have to do that anymore. What would be your ideal idols for lightning?

I still went for the 300 mana lightning suffix idols but I had to get mana from my gear rather than the blessing. To answer your question, I used flat mana/double lightning grand idols (these seem rare), a melee ele dmg/double lightning ornate idol, and a melee ele dmg/% mana and armor ornate idol. Rest of the slots are flex depending on your needs.

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