Need more info about development

I cant wait to see something about new mastery, legendary, trading system, endgame system, even just a little, plz

need seeing plans like:
what will be included in patch 0.84, 0.85, 0.86, so on
what legendary will do compares to current unique
my poor imagination is killing me.

Just watch the friday dev streams ^^.

The Roadmap received a considerable overhaul pre 083 to better reflect what the next patch will include.

I guess we will get an updated road map soon before 084.

Also the latest patch is not even 1 month old. Enjoy the game and wait until we get more Infos. We are possibly another 2 months away from the next patch, so the devs possibly not even know exactly what the next patch will include exactly.

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0.8.3 was released on the 2nd September, so its almost a month old.

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Why are you repeating what I already said with slightly different words :thinking:

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He pretends being your shadow :wink:

I saw the roadmap, cant wait to see more specific. :smiley:
I also read some of the ideas people/Dev. talked about legendaries and tradings, and lost of memories, etc, but still there are plenty of cool stuff(just names) do not have descritions yet, I appreciate the team’s work, just cant hold myself of getting knowing more about the game.

I cant wait to hear more about Dungeons that’s what I am really excited for. Hopefully its well implemented and gives you that dungeons crawling experience like some MMO’s do. It would be nice to see some bosses down there and maybe some random secret rooms and areas to explore and treasure chests. There are a lot of very interesting probability’s with Dungeons that they can come up with for both solo and multiplayer.

0.8.3 was released on the 3rd of September!

+3 for boardman!

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