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Need method to reduce timeline corruption back to 0

The current system of corruption doesn’t allow you to restore the monolith back to uncorrupted (corruption=0).

Until reaching corruption level 11, there are no negative Shade of Orobyss nodes spawned. And once you reach 11 or greater, there are not enough negative Shade nodes spawned to allow getting corruption back to 0.

This can cause a problem for unaware players when they inadvertently end up corrupting the timeline before completing the final boss story echo and increasing the boss damage and health and making it difficult to progress past that timeline.

Please provide a mechanism, either via negative corruption shades or other method, in order to give the player a choice to reduce corruption back to 0.

10 corruption is only a 5% more hp/damage modifier, is that what’s causing you issues?

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I eventually got past my issue, and beat lvl 75 Lagon echo quest. No other echo quest lvl80-90 has given me near the trouble lagon at 75 did.

I understand it’s only +5% dmg +5% health bonus. But that fight was already highly mechanic heavy and I struggled. I didn’t need or want any additional difficulty from increased damage in the 3rd phase. I wanted to remove corruption. A mechanism to reduce corruption back to 0 was desirable. Yes, I should not have corrupted it to begin with. But a new player could use the option. Again. Just an option. It doesn’t mean anyone else has to take that negative corruption node and they can leave their echo at +10-50 corruption if they choose.