Need informations about reflected damages

Hello all,

I’m just starting a new druid. I want to play reflected damage but I don’t find good informations in internet or in game. I saw there are two types of reflected damages (maybe i’m wrong) :

  • 1 : reflect damage to attackers : I assume when an ennemy hit you, you deal flat damage to him (you can see the line on the Thornshell shield).
  • 2 : damage reflected : I assume when an ennemy hit you, you deal a portion of his own damage to him.

Correct me if I’m wrong, the first option (1) is for a tanky build and the second option (2) is for a non tanky build (like no resist no armor).

I have several questions about this mecanic :

  • Which stats scale your reflected damage to attacker (1) ?
  • Are there generics buff that work with reflected damage (1) like “+ X% increased damage” ?
  • What is the element of your reflected damage to attacker (1) ?
  • Do your reflected damage are a spell or an attack or neither of both (1) ?
  • Does the damage reflected is YOUR damage or not (2) ?
  • Does the damage reflected keep the element of the hit (2)?
  • How can you scale your damage reflected (2) ? Min armor and resist (but you’re dead really fast) ? Generic increased damage ?

Thanks for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

Option 1 is the only viable option. Enemies do 1k to you lets say, you have 3k hp, some mobs have 100k+ hp. so even if you reflect 200% of damage, it barely scratches most monsters.

Your flat thorns are only scaled by thornshell.

The damage is typeless and unresisted, best way to describe it would be pure or true damage.

% reflect follows the same rules iirc, its typeless pure damage. it happens after mitigation. if you take 500 damage with 100% reflect the enemy is taking 500 damage regardless of any modifiers.

Reflect builds are pretty unviable, and hinge on thornshell and thornshield from spriggan to do anything.

Perhaps this will help clear up some things:

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The flat thorns damage can get kinda crazy and it’s fun, but it isn’t viable for any real play. You have to stutterstep constantly to keep up a good number of Thorn Shield stacks. It’s also probably not a good idea to let bosses hit you too much in order to deal thorns back to them. For the build to be actually viable, it needs an offensive skill that adds some amount of your thorns damage to the attack.

The items I used for this build when Druid was reworked were;




Stacked a lot of Attunement and tried to get more flat reflect on LP.

I was pretty much invincible to anything that wasn’t a one-shot mechanic. 16000+ armor was neat to see.

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Thanks everyone for your help, it helps me a lot. I think I’ll just see how far I can go with this reflect build and rebuild with a more viable stuff after :slight_smile:

Here is my LEtools project, my idea is to just spam thorn shield and let the reflect damage and the bees do the rest of the job, Druid allows me to reach a correct amount avec Str and Attunement. If you want to improve this build with me that would be awesome ! :smiley:

One issue with that will be Rage, you’ll either need to cast Spirit Thorns to get more Rage or spec into Ire of Trees to get Rage from your Spriggan Form’s totems (but not your normal totems).

I’d also very strongly suggest going into 4 points in Aura of Retribution in Summon Spriggan as that makes capping crit avoidance a non-issue (not that it’s difficult for Primalist with Harmonious Wisdom).

Thanks for your answer, for the Rage issue i’m using Tears of the Forest (drop it today !) and I have no more issue with it and i don’t need to use Spirit Thorns.

I already changed the crit avoidance with the Summon Spriggan (good point thx !) and I remove the second summon from Spriggan form.

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I suspect damage reflect was introduced to the game to justify Rune of removal, and to generally spoil good pieces of gear.

Has there been any time anyone has been happy to see it on an item?

I have a question: are enemy spell and ranged attacks still subject to reflect damage. I mean if I take an arrow from an archer at range, there’s no way that would be reflected right?

Last time I tried, just about everything reflected. I did Spriggan Form with Thorn Shield and if not for the stutterstepping, it would be OP.

Yes. you can finish pillar echos simply by standing there and letting them hit you.

That’s the funniest part of the build indeed ^^