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Need help with my Warpath Paladin

Hello guys!
I’ve just played LE recently and there are many stuff I still don’t know so I need some advices for my build.
This is my current build (fire warpath paladin)
As far as I see, my build has fine dps, but a bit squishy. Due to life leech and healing from smite, groups of trash mobs are not problem. However, elite mobs (or mobs with modifier) and boss are quite tricky since they can nearly (or completely) 1-shot my char.
I’m not sure what should I change/grind to make my char more tanky. It has fine amount of armor (with 4 sigils it’s pretty high), resistance do not reach cap but I think it’s enough (because mobs have resistance pen so just enough to make sure it don’t go below zero when being shredded). My health is pretty low cause I think armor can help it.
I need some advices to make it to be viable at endgame (and I hope that it can facetank most content if possible).

I am not Paladin expert, but on first glance I would say:

Get melee leech affix on the gloves

Hey there… Welcome to the forum…

I’ll leave the nuances of the build & skills etc for now to give you a quick response… (there is actually a pretty good fire warpath build on Last Epoch Builds if you want to reference something)

Crit Avoidance is very important in the later stages of the game (i.e. Monoliths)…It can mean the difference between being one-shot and tanking the hit.

Rule of thumb is that your resistances need to be about at your character level / map level… So you have some that are low and this means you are getting hit harder - especially by rares etc. the 75% cap is something you should aim for as soon as you can.

As Warpath is melee, you need some sort of health leech on melee… At the moment you have the spell for the smites but that is limited… you are using fire… but you need to chose which type is going to do the most damage eventually - splitting it up in LE tends to make for mediocre builds because you only have some many slots for affixes…

So although your health is ok for level 68, you need some surefire way of restoring it beyond potions… health leech, health regen something reliable and fast…

And no, you cannot facetank all the content in the game - this is by design… Some love it, some hate it and others dont mind having to learn when to get out of Dodge or not…

Sure you will get plenty more advice… Have fun…

Some quick notes, solely based on your survivability problem.

Your resistances are quite low. Yes, you have a bonus on your relic, but you also get a -30% from warpath, so… You need more.
I would say you could use more health, 1000 at lvl 68 is not very high.

Easy way: your big idols don’t look extremely useful for your build. I would remove them and use only small idols with resistances and vitality, until you find another way to cap res.

As pointed above, some leech really helps.
I would like to add that “health on melee hit” is also extremely good with warpath (which gives a lot of fast hits). Not sure from the top of my head on which items you can craft that…

Generally your gear is ok-ish, but can be slowly improved (a lot of your items have affixes not really useful for your build, like block, void or necrotic damage, etc…). Step by step, try and craft something more “specialised” in fire, health and resistance.

Hope this helps a bit.
Good luck, and welcome in Last Epoch!

So the priority stat I need is crit avoidance?

My resist is low but when all my skill is up, it will get a decent amount. I still being 1-shot by black sun boss at lv66.

My build focus on warpath, smite work as support skill for warpath and as extra heal. I don’t give smite any affix slot.

About life leech, sure I will get more, but at this moment I don’t think it matter since I can survive everything except 1-shot skill from boss and mini boss. Black Sun boss is a thing, but to think that mini boss can also 1-shot me (with a high delay and warning skill) is a bit frustrating. I thought that it just because my defensive is not enough.
In short, I should dodge any skill with warning zone from boss and mini boss, right? (I still can tank the skill from elite mobs unless it’s too much at once.

Thank you anyway!

With all skill activate, my resist is from near 50% to higher. But I will do as you advise, raising it to cap point.
About health, at first, I had more than 1400 at lv62, then I found gears with better offensive affix, and all defensive affix is about armor, endurance. If I raise health, which one should I sacrifice? armor or endurance?
Thank you!

CA - yes… you will need this because there are plenty of mobs that can crit you and a boss crit will most likely one shot you.

If you are not focussing on smite for anything really (i.e. not going to spec into it) then getting healing from the blessing for spell doesnt really make any sense… you should use the blessing for something else more useful.

Health restoring is very important in LE… if you want to tank anything you need to be able to restore your HP as fast as possible for the next hit… Leech with warpath works well…

You are probably being crit from mini-bosses and other mobs… thats more than likely the one-shot you are experiencing rather than a normal hit…

Regarding chosing defences, I have found EHP Calculator on Tunks website to help figure out what items afffixes would benefit the most - you can input your stats and it will show you your effective HP points vs physical and other types of damage… This way you can fairly easily see what gear would be better…

In LE, if a hit is telegraphed, then its going to hit hard and you should learn how to move out of the way - bosses and end-game content gets much harder so if you can move away because you know whats coming, you will likely survive much more than trying to take the hits on the chin… Really tanky builds CAN tank some hits, but not the boss nukes and even then tanky builds usually survive because they are instantly healed back to full health before the next hit…

The other issue is also DoT damage - this can very quickly kill you - especially if you dont have any health regen/leech to counteract it…


When you reach level 82, you should keep an eye out for arguably the best Unique for warpath type builds: Wings of Argentus - Unique Gladiator Armor - Body Armour - Last Epoch Item Database - its probably worth farming for it specifically.

Most things have already been mentioned here. Your Defence stats are Cap Resistance/Crit immun/HP and Armor.
You should make a list for yourself to improve your character.
When you reach 70 you should look for Solarum Gear Helmet and Body Armour, these gives you a good amount of Crit Resi, you can craft also Crit Resi as Suffix on your Helmet and Boots, and you should reach 100%. The first Monolight Boss also drops Woven Flesh, a good choise for the start to reach Crit Immunity. Btw as Paladin you get 40% Crit immunity over the Paladin tree, so you only need 1 Helmet and Body Armour with each 30% to get the cap.
For the Amulet you should have an eye on Bone Amulet,that gives you a good amount of Resistance, also the Relic should be Argent Crest, until you can fix you Res Problem with other stuff.
When you are able to start Farming Monos you should farm the EndBoss from the Stolen Lance for the Throne of Ambition its an awesome item that push your armor (and dps if you play fire) on Elite and Bosses.
And how Vapour say Wings are also awesome, but has a bad droprate.
You could change some stuff on your Talent tree to make it better

Some good tips here already. An addition:

Crit Avoidance: there is 40% available in the paladin tree, also comes with armor. It’s a very good node. Later on you can cap CA with this node and a blessing.