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Need Help with Bladedancer Build

So i came back to LE after a couple months, saw the new class is out and decided to go for a blade dancer build.
This is my current build Bladedancer, Level 60 (LE Beta 0.8.2i) - Last Epoch Build Planner
So far it does well on maps and its bosses but against the first timeline boss i realized that the single target DPS kinda sucks.
So i was thinking of resepccing towards Shadow dagger.
But i have a few queries
If i get umbra assassination node in Synchronized Strike, can i get multiple stacks with the shadows?
If i get wave of shadows Node, does the Shadow Cascade cast by my shadows inflict Shadow Daggers? If yes, can i get Multiple stacks from the shadows.
If yes, Do i get Shadow Dagger stacks if i use Shift to trigger Shadow Cascade or only by shadow cascade triggered by synchronized strike
If someone has other ideas to increase Single Target DPS, i am open to suggestions