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[Need Help]Righteous Fury Node in Smite. Fire to Void

Does anyone know if Righteous Fury Fire attack buff becomes a Void attack buff??? for Void Knight Smite

Welcome to the LE Forum.

No, conversions usually only convert the dmg of the base skill and sometimes Sub-Skills.

If a particular node within the skill tree is affected by a conversion is usally stated within the skill nodes Tooltip.

Yeah, but the Fissure node, for exemple, becomes a dark fissure. I supose it converts to Void Damage, but nothing is said on any tooltip…

For better context, this is when I put a point in the passive called Temporal Corruption, in the Void Knight tree…

Just tested it:
Temporal Corruption says that Smite’s base dmg is converted to void.
Therefore subskills like Fissure should not be affected, since they usually have their own tags (otherwise it should be stated in Temp Corruption-> ‘‘Smite’s base dmg and skills within the tree…’’).
While hovering the mouse over ‘‘Heavy Impact’’ & ‘‘Six Feet Under’’ nodes and having points allocated in Temporal Corruption, the tooltip still shows Fissure with the Fire tag.
By equipping gear with increased void/fire dmg you can see, that Fissures DoT dmg is affected by Void dmg when converted with Temporal Corruption.
So it’s basically a tooltip mistake on Fissure after the conversion.

Heavy is right though with Righteous Fury, because it simply adds global melee fire dmg to all melee attacks. There is also no skill for Sentinel that converts added base dmg to void as far as i know (except Sigils of Hope, but they also only give additional base dmg per Sigil).

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