Need help on what to skip while leveling

I have been coming back to LE between patches , and I am a little confused with the new content about an efficient way to level.

Last character I did every quest and advanced the story to the last available act , but I’m sure its not the best way to do it. I have seen some leveling videos and realized people are not doing all acts and go straight to monos.

What is really needed to unlock all idol slots? Can you skip stuff and get all skill points ? When should I simply go to monos and skip the rest?


There are more quests in total across the entire story that give you passives and idols slot unlocks, than you can have.

The earliest time having all passives and idols slots is End of Chapter 7, after returning to the Heoborea and finishing all quests in that town.

You can see amount of idols and passives unlocked on your map (left bottom corner). As soon, as you have all of them, you can skip optional quests (gray ones). You can even skip last parts of campaign and run monoliths as soon as you want, but completing main story grants you +1 to all attributes, which you may want get sooner or later. And as always, skipping left side monoliths (always unlocking highest level ones) is fastest way to get to empowered (right side requires 1 less monolith completion and has more impactful blessings).

Thanks for the answers!