Need help: Lightning Blast build

I am new and need help. I am now with lvl 83 in the empowered monolith and have problems. so often the enemy kill. it was never a big problem before. i think, often the enemy directly hit me and my ward is nearly full.
what defense layer i missed? resi is is not. or i need only more HP?

link to the build Runemaster, level 83 (Release / 1.0.1) - Last Epoch Build Planner

in lightning blast skill tree, spec out of shattershock and into positive protection, you will live somewhat better.
also frost wall. scrap howling rift and the dark cold and put the pts into protection of the apostate and shelter of the chef. the playstyle with that would be to drop FW on or slightly inbetween yourself and mobs.
what movement skill are you using??

look for cooldown where you can get it, and a +1 to flameward charge chest prefix.

those changes should get you set until you can farm out a laddle, enigma, and heart.

OR you could just invocate Reowyn’s Frostguard and never worry about ward. just a thought

Hi, I play a Lightning Blast Sorcerer and I’m having no trouble clearing Monoliths. Here’s what I would change.

Lightning Blast

in lightning blast skill tree, spec out of shattershock and into positive protection, you will live somewhat better.

That’s some very bad advice. Lightning Blast is his main DPS spell and it’s already doing low damage. Lightning Blast is always starved for points and you can get Shock and Ward elsewhere.

Remove points from Volatile Lightning and put it into Frontloaded. Look for a +3/+4 to Lightning Blast helmet, and uniques with bonuses to Lightning or Mage skills and max out Frontloaded.

Frost Wall
You have Celestial Doom maxed in the Runemaster tree, but you don’t apply any Brand on the enemies, that’s 28 Ward per Hit on bosses you’re not getting. Frost Wall can apply a Brand, but you didn’t put a point into “Brand the Invaders”, so fix that.
I can’t comment on the Ward recommendations because I never used them myself, but the “1% enemy health to ward” sounds interesting.

Runemaster tree
I would unlearn Runeword: Cataclysm completely and swap 3 pts into Circle of Elements, which gives you back the 30% Shock Chance you had on Lightning Blast, but now it works on all Lightning skills (Invocations wink wink). (+2 passive pts)
For more survivability, you can swap points from Decree of Burning Wind to Decree of Eternal Tundra.

Mage tree
I would also unlearn the points you have in Silver Rune and Warden. (+8 passive pts)

Sorcerer tree
Put 5 points into Calculated Destruction. It gives passive Int, and it grants 3% Spell Crit per Int, which will give you more than triple Increased Crit Chance % than you had from Runeword: Cataclysm.
Put the remaining points into Ceraunomancer for Increased Lightning Damage and higher Shock Chance with Lightning skills.
Eventually you can max it, leading to Rift Bolt that gives Lightning damage Leech and Lightning Pen.

Static shows a nice DPS number when fully charged, but in reality it deals damage once in a blue moon and charges very slowly. If you’re not pressing it, ie. Static is only to proc Lightning Blast on nearby enemies, then it’s only a tiny damage boost. I would recommend dropping it completely.

Since you have the Wrongwarp unique wand, spec into Teleport instead. You’ll get a Cast Speed buff, Move Speed buff, and 1 second of Invulnerability each time you cast Teleport. At the price of Teleport not actually Teleporting you where you want :smiley:
Take the “Comet Rush” and “Out of Body” passive nodes for CDR% and Ward.

and my ward is nearly full.

Ward is unlimited, so you can never have “full ward”. The number is important, not how full the bar you have. You should have at minimum 2000 Ward when fighting in Empowered Monolith.

what defense layer i missed? resi is is not. or i need only more HP?

You need more HP, more Ward AND more Armor.

Frankly, the items you have in your build are very bad. For example, your exalted ring with T6 Spell Damage is very bad. It has T3 Necrotic resistance and the rest is useless to you. So out of 4 affixes, you’re only using 1,5 affixes :smiley:

T6 affix isn’t a must have. Instead a rare ring could have T5 Spell Damage, T5 Intelligence, T5 resistance, T5 Health affixes and it would be much better for you. Look for items like that, and eventually you will find T6/T7 that you can also craft into items with 4 useful affixes.

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