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Need help for item mods

What are the optimal mods for each equipment piece? Should I only use Body Armour with Health-related mods with 0 resistances? Etc.

That is such a universal question that is cannot be answered.

Generally speaking all items that have Hybrid Health or % Health are really good (Body Armour in this example only has % Health)

But even for Flath Health is an important stat, if you don’t have any of it (because it makes both the hybrid health and the % Health more valueable as well).

Resistances are very easy to get in LE and you are not required to completely cap them anyway.

So generally speaking, yes I would not go for resistance and go for Health or Dodge on the Body Armour.

Just curious… aaand I’m still learning about crafting in this game.

Just need to know which equipment slot is safe to be crafted without Resistances. At least now I know that Body Armour is fine without resistances.

It really depends on the class and the rest fo the defensive setup you wanna go for.

For example if you want to go dodge or health regen, you will be very starving on suffix slots, since both of these stats are very expensive.

If you combine that with some classes/masteries, that don’t have a lot of access to resistances on passives or skills, you might want to consider taking on T5 resistance on the body armour and be good with that single resistance. (T5 resistance rolls up to 68% on body armour, which is enough to basically ignore this resistance).

It is vital to understand that capping or even overcapping resistances in LE is merely a min-maxing thing rather than a mandatory first step in gearing.

Having anything betwenn 60 and 70% is way more than enough and doesn’t justify occupying another suffix slot just to cap that resistance.

Oh, really? I thought capping the resistances for more than 75% is mandatory to avoid some kind of “Elemental Weakness” debuff like in PoE. lol

Alright, that are some good infos. Thanks.

So this is a 2 part subject:

First capping (not overcapping) is way less mandatory, just beccause how the resistance system works.

Enemies have 1% penetration per area level up to Area Level 75 and penetration this applies after capping

You can read about that in the Game Guide, when pressing [G] ingame, and for reference here is a Forum Version initiated by Andrew

Generally speaking if you compare similar resistance systems like Grim Dawn or Path Of Exile, resistance is ~4x stronger in these games compared to LE.

Fancy Math example

Assuming Area Level 75+


Overcapping is not really mandatory at all, there are very few sources of consitent sources of shred or resistance reduction in LE.

Only a few mob types have shred and the only global resistance reduction availble to enemies would be the Mark For Death Monolith Modifiers, which is totally avoidable and not even that big of a deal, because of the first thing I just explained.

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Wow. Didn’t know that we’re on the weaker end.

Thanks for the link, btw.

The following two sites will help you with things like a Build Planner - to see what the ideal gear/affixes may be worth chasing… and even a Effective Health Guide that will show you want your health will be if you add additional resistances, armour, dodge, endurance etc vs adding something else… Both sites have item lists for you to check, skill descriptions, quest lists , bestiaries etc…

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