Need help desperately

I posted in technical support sub but no one answers me so I post here hopefully someone will help me out.
I play LE at 2 places, my home and my work place which is an internet cafe where computer roll back after reset.
I play at home with the standalone client but when I log in at work…my account is blank like a brand new account. No progression saved.
I figured since this is still on offline mode, there will be a save file somewhere but I can’t find it. Or hopefully this game is cloud saved and I need help to sync the progression at home with work so I can play the game at my work place.
Please help me…thank you

Steam does cloud saves, yes, alternatively you can find the save files in the save folder here:

C:\Users[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch\Saves

If you copy all the files in that directory & email them to yourself you’ll be able to move them between your home & “work”.

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You need to move TWO files from the save folder:

The globaldata save is your stash, gold, crafting mats (all shared stuff)
The Beta Char X is your actual char

So make sure to move BOTH files.

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Thank you for your help but I could not find the folder location link you posted.
I tried search for Eleventh Hour Games folder on my Driver but could not find any.
Can you tell me where it is located?

That’s because the App Data folder is a system folder & hidden by default so you’ll need to unhide it:

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I found it, but there’re alot of files…so I just copy all of them?
Also there’s a file called Steam_autocloud.vdf…does it have anything to do with the Steam version of the game?
If possible I would like to move on to Steam since it got cloud saved so I don’t have to copy back and forth like this. Do you know how?

Yes, just copy all the files (there should be 1 globaldata file for the stash & a backup plus 1 file per character plus backup).

You can link your account to steam & play it that way, though I’ve never tried playing on multiple machines so I don’t know how well the steam syncing/cloud saving works.

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Thanks man, I solved the problem. I reinstalled the game in Steam and when I launched the game, it got an option to upload save files to cloud from local computer so I’m all set.
From now on I will stick when Steam.
Thanks again

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