Need help building a Mana Stacking Sorc - Any Good?

Most build guides I’ve seen for sorc focus on generic defenses you can get on any character (resistances, endurance, etc) and ignore the unique defensive synergies that sorc can provide, most of which revolve around having a large mana pool. There are also synergies that give massive amounts of flat and % damage if the sorc has enough maximum mana. However most builds I see go for exactly 300 mana which is the breakpoint to get the most flat damage possible then just spec into crit. Are there any skills or builds worth making that focus completely on stacking as much mana as possible and making use of getting massive mana costing abilities to generate ward, do more damage, etc?

glacier checks most of the boxes you mentioned with its mana gain on crit mechanic.

Glacier seems really clunky though… :\

you can a look at this Glacier Sorcerer Build Guide - Last Epoch I had a blast playing this archetype last patch.

I like mana stacking builds as well! Try my Static Orb Static Ground build here if it seems appealing to you