Need help building a FG!

Hi, right now im following this build.

But the skill tree is updated and changing since then. Is there an update tree for this? Or is this still viable?

Is the “necrotic/poison dmg taken as” affixes still in the game? I never see it at all. Is it a high lvl/ rare drop? I’m only lvl 7x atm. Those 2 dmg type giving me a lot of trouble now and it’s hard to put in those 2 resist together with all of other things for me.

I don’t think any of the Sentinel stuff has changed, though the Rallying Block node (50 armour & protections per hit you’ve taken in the last 4 seconds) has been massively nerfed to have a cap of 10 stacks.

The “xxx damage taken as” affixes are fairly rare with a minimum lvl requirement of 49.


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