Need gear advice, Oceareon versus Siphon of Anguish

Guys I need a little help here, how good is the Oceareon?
I got 1 with 1LP but sadly I got the T5 Endurance instead of the Crit Chance, so now I’m wondering if it’s an upgrade over my 2nd Siphon of Anguish or not. The Siphon of Anguish pushes my Warpath DPS to 40079 while the Oceareon sits at 31561. However the Oceareon has this stacking debuff on enemies which basically provides up to 20% more more damage so it’s pretty good versus enemies with a large health pool, but is it enough to close the 8.5k DPS gap to a good enough amount so I can afford to use it?
Here is an image of the items in question:

Math has the answer. 20% more of 31561 is 37873. So that is lower than your 40079 with the 2nd Siphon.

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So “more more damage” gets applied at the very end? Damn, I guess that means I need to find another Oceareon and roll it better. Thanks for the help

All more damage modifiers are multiplicative. No matter what order you put more multipliers, you’ll always end up with the same numbers. Increases apply first, then any More multipliers.

100 damage + 20% more + 50% more is 100 > 120 > 180
100 damage + 50% more + 20% more is 100 > 150 > 180

So putting that 20% at the end, or putting it at the start of calculations, would end up the same.

Also take into account that if you have no other source of chill, that rings giving you a source of chill (chill good, makes enemies, including bosses, attack slower).

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Yeah I was thinking about that but the value of it seems questionable when I usually die to a oneshot when I die. I guess the question is how much easier spells are to dodge with the 12% cast speed debuff.
I also found out that I can at best maintain 7-10 stacks of shock, so my effective DPS is only about 34200 with the Oceareon.

Chill is awesome, it’ll give you more time to move out of the way of oneshots.

Also the commutative principle re the maths ordering comment (order is irrelevant).

So would you personally use Oceareon > Siphon then?

:person_shrugging:t3: as long as you can get some chill on hit from somewhere it doesn’t really matter. If you have both rings, just try it out with each…

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I decided in favor of the Oceareon, I definitely feel tankier and I’m not sure if I can trust tooltip DPS since ARPen doesn’t seem to affect it, and I have more of that with the Oceareon build.

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