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Need for information on synergies

Hello everyone, back after a few months of hiatus, I am pleasantly surprised at the evolution of the VK. He got a nice update.

I find the synergies put in place very interesting. Today building around the Erasing strike must be really fun and clearly not bad.

The game has developed well, even if it is still quite vague on certain mechanics.

So I would like to know something about Erasing strike (ES)
My question concerns especially the knot proposing echoes.

Let’s imagine I unlock this node (+3) and that I obviously have enough mana. I roll void cleave before for 100% critical chance, then roll ES, original will crit, but echoes will proc crit too?

Second question concerning this knot, are the ES thrown by the echoes affected by “Increased Echo Damage When A Skill Echoes”
It seems logical to me that it does, but I thought I read on other subject that it does not work for everything.
Sorry to come and ask questions like that, but the game has evolved a lot (and for good) on a lot of things since I left, but clearly still not able to try these ideas.

And let’s say that spending 10 or 15 hours to assemble a character in a way that makes me realize that nothing is working as planned, it would especially make me want to leave more than to stay ^^

Small aside, sorry for my questionable English, if you have any claims ask google translate. (those who know me know it)

Welcome back!

No, only the initial ES will guaranteed crit

The guaranteed echoes from Erasing Strike “Time Loop” node are considered regular echoes, so affixes or conditional stuff relying on echoes will work with them.

Ok, thank you I suspected it a little bit, its would have been way too powerful because you can go through a build without crit.
Or at least you can do it, but only on 1 ES.

Okay, so it’s interesting to start with echo damage.
In the end you can roll 4 ES in one. (good after thank you mana)

Otherwise I have a question, on a fairly classic VK, strength, vitality build, I thought about using the “void beam” node when you hit a boss, to have continuous damage.
But I doubt it’s good, since I’m not a domage spell.

Afterwards, I will work on the build, I wanted to play without critical hits. But in truth it’s quite a shame.

Because good ES becomes a great combot attack.
But you can’t just base yourself on 1 hit every now and then.
Can be played with critical chance and echo damage. As his you swing has quadruple ES crit, I think that even a boss he will not like.

In any case, it’s a pleasure to come back to the game and see that it has evolved in the right direction, I like the work that has been accomplished for some time.

You can scale the Void Beams damage with Vitality for flat damage and %inc. void damage.
It’s not crazy for single target, but decent for some AoE damage.

Most hit based build will go crit in late game, but it’s not mandatory.

The synergies with Abyssal Echoes and Void Cleave are super strong, but you can also use Erasing Strike as a standalone skill with the “Hastened Cataclysm” Node, whic hgives massive CDR, but increase mana cost.

You can combine the increase mana cost with FG’s Crushing Blows to deal substantialy sustained damage with ES.
But you will need some mana refiller, like Vengeance, Rive or Multistrike.

Ok, thanks for all the info.
I will see how I will orient my build. But clearly there is potential.

I also wanted to try a multistrike-based build. But I have the impression that this is only possible on an already HL build.

Starting from 0 seems to me to be complicated or even impossible.
But hey, its nice this overhaul of the sentinel.

There is a lot of viable possibility now in any case for the VK, the paladin has always had a lot of options for him, it remains to be possible to review the FGs.
Whatever even for FG I’m sure you can find something that works.

I levelled a build using multistrike as soon as it was a available.

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