Need for equip item key bind or prompt! FIX ASAP

i had a staff that had 60% cold dmg and 34% spell damage and i lost it because I accidentally equipped an 2 hand axe i was keeping THIS IS ACTUALLY COMPLETELY NECCASRAY TO ADD and why do i attack or do things when im goin through my inventory moving things around honestly bad game design and needs to change ASAP!!!

the staff was in my stash but the prompt for equipping and moving well in menus needs to stop!

Jesse what are you talking about

its honestly brain dead that i can accidentally equip items by accident well moving stuff on both my part and the devs, me for not noticing and them for not putting ATLEAST A PROMPT, just a simple box that says “are you sure you want to equip” if its left click or just make it so i have to drag the item over the item slot only not left or right click

So your complaint is that the game did not actively prevent you from paying zero attention to what you were doing, somehow resulting in you losing a mediocre item that is easily replaceable, and the way you want the devs to solve the personal problem of you not paying attention is by making equipping items significantly more inconvenient for everyone else?


dude for real all they have to do is make it so you have to drag to equip and I almost lost a forged item

Dude for real you could just pay attention to what you’re doing instead of trying to get them to make the game less convenient for the rest of us so that you don’t have to.

You didn’t even actually lose anything. There’s no problem for the game to solve here.

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seriously though if ur on controller i understand but like wtf i guarantee you wont even notice this change if u played diablo im just asking for a KBM change

If I wouldn’t even notice, then how does it prevent bingbongs from somehow losing items by equipping them when they aren’t paying any attention to what they’re doing?

Your answer doesn’t matter though, because I absolutely would notice if I had to do a totally asinine extra action like drag and drop or click on a dialog box to equip an item.

Also please take note that your keyboard has a period key.


well man im sorry you value your quality of life over new players experience cause if i had lost that item i would have quit. so enjoy your new game in beta cause if alot of people loose good items cause its 2 am and your moving good items to your stash and drop bad items well thats less people playing your game cause fuck that im not forging a new one im just gunna play D4 when it comes out. shit where do my periods go!!!

Ill meet you half way an option in setting for quick equip or drag to equip. Hows that sound? id be SUPER happy with that. but make drag default.

The more I read from you the more I like you :joy:

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I just honestly can’t believe you even posted given you chose a name like that?


I think its fascinating personally, I would love for my neuropsychiatrist to do a write up on this guy.

Just to avoid confusion, I may have made some temporary adjustments to the name until someone else can have a look.


Really I just want a quick equip option it can be on by default but id like to turn off right click to equip. If this is available already my bad but it would be nice to have!

There’s already several options, however they aren’t in-game.

Now I’m curious as to what it was before. This kind of moderation action is geographical-ist, as those who aren’t in a similar timezone don’t get to see the full spectrum of d##b-a##e-ery of some people…

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