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Need Feedback on Conservative Hammerdin SSF/HC/Maso

Hey all just looking for some feedback on my Solo Hardcore Masochist Paladin. Last night I cleared Lagoon and am going to start pushing monolith bosses. Also i’m a new user and can only have 5 active links :expressionless: . Therefore, I broke my other links by spacing the “h” from the “ttps”…I honestly couldn’t figure out a better work around to keep the link but not keep it active.

h ttps://

Lagoon Kill / End Portal
h ttps://

At lvl56 I went to the first monolith and grinded till 60 to get access to a better chest base and a little more damage before making the attempt*.

Stats Page
h ttps://

The 2 main defenses I am focusing on is health and armor. The main reason I decided is that eventually a hit is going to get through your 75%+ dodge/block defenses which will lead to getting 1 tapped…`I have at least 10+ dead HC characters from POE supporting this :(.

Passive Trees

Sentinel Tree

Early on I take as much defense as possible since this will be the hardest point for most builds.

Void Knight Tree

These 10 points in void knight really only needs to be 5 for VR, but I like it because it takes pressure off capping resistances on my gear.

Force Guard Tree

Normally in SC I’d put 10 points into Peltast for 60% throw damage/60% throw stun chance, but I decided to put 9 of those points into guardian for more life. Also 1 point into shield breaker is probably the single most important dps passive in our tree due to how we use hammer throw.

Paladin Tree

Other than our first 5 points, every thing is straight life and armor focus.

Skill Trees

Hammer Throw Tree
h ttps://

The red +1 is where I plan on putting my next point, but the blue path is kind where I think I might respec points out of force of impact and try to get to weighted hammers due to it doing more dmg, but with no stun chance.

Holy Aura Tree
h ttps://

We skip taking the 2 attack speed points from fanaticism and instead put them into vital boon. I honestly could see this going either way, since i think 8% attack speed might be worth more than 20% health regen.

Ring of Shields Tree
h ttps://

The health recovery and %armor increase every 3 seconds with the duration increase is just too good, everything else besides those is negligible.

Rebuke Tree
h ttps://

I like having the ability to tank any skill and honestly, I was a tank main in ff14 and just like having this as an option when running simply isn’t an option. Also its pretty nice to have additional healing and mana recovery here.

Volatile Reversal Tree
h ttps://

I’m surprised how this skill isn’t nerfed yet, but either way this is our primary mana uptime skill for good dps, and it actually has a descent dps steroid while also dmg amping nearby enemies

Dream Gear

Gear Planner
This isnt optimized for top dps, and honestly i’d probably drop over half of these dps rolls for a more defensive option like strength if the affix tiers were already pretty high. The only “mandatory” roll id say is the flat throwing attack damage/- cost of throwing skills prefix on rings.

For idols im using life + and % (1x2s and 1x1s), but eventually ill transition into using either: health gained on stun/Throw attack armor shred % OR stun chance/Throw attack armor shred % (1x4 or 2x2).


Off the top of my head I’d probably swap the health per sec on your chest for more vitality or armour, I’d also add in some frailty on hit somewhere, as that gives 6% less damage taken per stack (up to 18%).

I’d also swap the shield for a Solarum shield with block chance, that’ll drop your armour mitigation by ~6% (from 37.87% to 35.46%) but increase your block chance from 29% to 44% (plus whatever you’re getting from your passives). IMO you “should” also be picking up the block passives for an additional 5% (Sentinel), 5% (Forge Guard) & 17% (Paladin) block chance which would take you up to 71%.

If you wanted to go more-tankier-er, you could swap Hammer Throw for Vengeance, this would also allow you to take Time & Faith to generate mana. You could then Swap Volatile Reversal for Shield Bash to get an additional 15% block chance with 100% up time taking you to 86% block chance. If you can cope with keeping Sigils of Hope up, you can use that to get an additional 12% block chance taking you to 98%, plus the Faith node is awesome (if you take a big hit you consume a Sigil for a heal of 200 (plus however much healing effectiveness you have as a Pally).

I’ve probably missed something since I know you can get 100% block chance as a Pally.

You can also get heal on block as well & if you’re blocking everything you can also use Holy Aura to get ward on block & generate ward…