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Need advice for elemental marksman build

Hi, i’m trying to build a elemental bow build ( if it is viable )and i could use some advise

I’m currently lvl 60 for know i use 3 attack skills :

  • Cinder strike for mana generation but mainly for oil coating ( with the point that increased elemental dammage instead of only fire

  • Detonating Arrow Lightning based damage for my main damage source ( specially with a lot of oil coating stack )

  • Hail of Arrows (cold version ) for freezing mobs and some damage

In the passive tree i’m quite classic i guess, but i really want to focus on elemental arrow ( which is obvious for an elemental build ^^ )

The real only useful thing for me on Cinder Strike is the oil coating buff not the skill itself

Should i respect for puncture or flurry ( and loose oil coating ) but as a physical attack i could use Fire and Steel to provide increased elemental damage and proc more elemental arrow without moving a lot ?

Here is my character at the moment ( work in progress obviously ^^ )

Anyway i’m pretty new to theorycrafting or making my own build, so i will be glad to have any advice


When your main dmg skill is either Detonating Arrow or Hail of Arrows, Flurry is probably your best mana regenerator because of the Fire and Steel node, yes. The 32 Flat Lightning/Fire dmg you can get from Elemental Arrows scales so well for those main dmg skills.
The oil coating buff from Cinder Strike is really strong, but to get the best out of it you need alot of attack speed for CS to reach 15+ oil coating stacks. HoA is a skill that doesn’t benefit from Attack Speed, and for DA you don’t really need too much aswell. So basically that would be a wasted Prefix on Bow and Quiver for HoA/DA.
Since Cinder Strike is a Phys & Fire tag skill, it would be amazing to have a certain mechanic or unique to get rid of the fire tag so you can benefit from both oil coating and Fire and Steel node to buff other skills. But for now you basically destroy all your Elemental Arrow buffs with CS, since the endgame dmg doesnt even come close to DA, or lose alot of stacks for oil coating when you alternate between 2 skills constantly.
So yes, mechanically i think Flurry+DA/HoA is better than Cinder Strike+DA/HoA with all the oil coating/Ele Arrows interaction.


Thx a lot, i will try Flurry