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Necrotic Wolf Beastmaster, Spooky Wolf Boi Is Fun | 300+ Corruption Patch 8.3

YouTube Build Guide + Gameplay :

Timestamps :
00:00 - Intro
03:10 - Rotation Of Skills
03:55 - Summon Wolf
07:05 - Warcry
09:18 - Maelstrom
10:02 - Frenzy Totem
11:29 - Swipe
12:21 - Passives
16:56 - Gearing
22:51 - Gameplay Footage (no commentary)
30:18 - Unedited Boss Kills

Build Summary :
We are using Yulia’s Path to give our minions a lot of melee flat necrotic damage. It gives our minions up to 4 necrotic flat per maelstrom casted from any source, meaning we can self cast them, cast them from warcry and also cast it from our idols and relic. This in combination with Soul Harvesters which give a lot of increased melee necrotic damage, it allows us to focus most of our gear affixes on minion HP and regen, so they can survive in higher corruptions.
For the majority of my playtime with the build, I did not use an Artor’s Legacy, that was just added in later after I could afford the affixes, but you technically don’t need it at all. +2 to summon wolf on the helm is just as strong if not stronger. The Fang is also optional. It pretty much just says +1 to summon wolf since we are so close to the node inside summon wolf that allows us to do the same thing, summon wolves to our companion limit.

Thanks to the spamming of maelstroms, our sustain is actually nuts. With a little bit of healing effectiveness, our warcry pretty much heals us to full every time, as its healing is tripled when we are at low life, which is a lot of the time as Beastmaster if you did not know is a class based on Endurance threshold, meaning the last 3rd of his HP is the tankiest, and this alongside Maelstrom’s passive healing is enough to keep us alive at 300+ corruption. The one issue is if you do not have Aspect of the Boar up you are somewhat squishy so constantly keeping it up is a priority.

For idols we are using the chance to cast maelstrom idols, which gets us up to 3-ish maelstroms constantly. Idk if these are exactly worth it, but the extra damage and healing they give are probably worth it. Since we are auto casting maelstrom and casting it from warcry, we are using a very large amount of mana. This means we need a way of getting our mana back, and thankfully we have Swipe for this.

We have a rotation with this build specifically, I will go into more detail about it later in the video, but the simple version is summon frenzy totem, use wolf howl which is brought of cooldown by using frenzy totem, then use warcry. thats our optimal rotation for the best results. We are obviously swiping through all of this as well to gain our mana back. Thanks to the skill queue being introduced a few patches ago, we can just hold down the button till it casts and then move to the next part of the combo.

Loot Filters, Gameplay, Build Planners and Leveling Guide All In The Description of the video :

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