Necrotic Energy increases spell damage of non-necrotic spells

Hello, Travelers!

I was testing my build and happened to notice that Necrotic Energy node increases the spell damage of not only necrotic spells, but other spells as well, as if it increases just the spell damage without any qualifiers. The damage is increased both in the skill tooltip and when dealing damage to a training dummy. Is this how it should be, and am I missing something about this node, or is it a bug and I should write a bug report?

Necrotic Energy adds flat Necrotic damage to everything, so yes, of course it would increase the damage of everything. Note the difference in wording between that and Grasp of Fate.

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So, it will be another part of flat damage which will be calculated separately and will be increased with Increased Spell Damage and Increased Necrotic Damage, like in case of non-necrotic spell damage it will be (Non-Necrotic Spell Damage * Multipliers) + (Spell Necrotic Damage * Multipliers), right?

Yes, that’s right.

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Thank you for the clarification, dear Traveler!