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Necrotic damage over time build

I’ve been having a lot of fun playing this build, and so far it’s been very successful.
A link to the build planner can be found here.
Mostly using Spirit Plague for the bulk of my DPS. Casting Hungering Souls here and there, as I’ve taken the Inspired Hunger node in the Hungering Souls passive tree, increasing my global damage over time after casting Hungering Souls. Using Drain Life mostly as a quick heal. Using Soul Feast for the ward generation. Using Summon Skeleton for meat shields to distract enemies. I’ve thought about getting Summon Skeletal Mage and getting the Death Knight node to see if they would be better than the skeleton warriors from Summon Skeleton.

This is not min/maxed or final, just where I currently am with my progress, using what gear I’ve come across. Any tips or suggestions are welcome. I’m still a bit new to the game, so I won’t be surprised if I’ve over looked something.

Thanks for checking out my post, GL HF!

I’m surprised you’ve not gone for Survival of the Cruel (spell leech) or Soul Maw (leech) for more leech. There’s also Reaper which will give you a cull at 10% (equivalent to 11% more damage on high hp mobs) & I assume you’ll cap Three Plagues when you have more points. I’d also probably go for a rare helm & +2 Spirit Plague, though since you’ve gone for Calamitous you can’t really spam Spirit Plague for the stacking DoT buff (Pestilence), stacking spell damage (Horrific Fascination) or stackable poison damage buff (Endless Decay, if you wanted to take the Toxic Transmission node for poison on Spirit Plague).

Something like this (Lich, Level 63 (LE Beta 0.8.2i) - Last Epoch Build Planner) would give you higher single target damage as well as clearing packs in one or two casts (since the various “on Spirit Plague” buffs count when it spreads, so after the first mob dies you get a spike in damage that then kills of the next few mobs much quicker & it cascades through packs).

Personally I’d probably go low life (Exsanguinous & Last Steps of the Living, take Hollow Lich for significantly more damage & the various health drain nodes & dance with death) for more survivability.

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I was planning on going with Soul Maw and capping out Three Plagues. I also like the idea of going with Reaper. I’m currently one shotting normal and blue named mobs as is, but I guess i should also be thinking ahead for when it does start to get harder.
I realized Calamitous wasnt really worth it, so i didnt cap it out and was working toward Endless Decay and Toxic Transmission. But I could just respec that now to get those points back.

Thanks for the reply, that was some great feedback. :smiley:

If you’re going for the poison nodes, you might also want to take the duration nodes for Spirit Plague as well since (assuming it works correctly), the duration of the poisons from Spirit Plague are based on the duration of the Spirit Plague skill. The downside is that as it’s a DoT skill, it won’t benefit from any poison chance from outside of it’s own skill tree.

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I’m a fan of focusing on movement and passive dps where possible as a lich. AoD without armor shred and spirits is so good for a dot build.

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