Necromancer / visibility of minion availability

One of the first classes I tried to play was a necromancer with as many minions as I could.
Might have been because of my build, maybe I’m getting too old, but I was unable to continue playing due to how painful is to keep the minions up.
I had to constantly look up-left to check if I had to replenish any minion. Sometimes unordered and with small numbers.
I had to stop before even finishing the story. My eyes got tired and actually hurt a little.

I was also wondering if this happened to someone else.

I´d recommend to look up some guide ( There might be a skill you can chose so you dont have to summon them all the time. Or… other skills deal more damage so you dont have to rely on them too much during campaign (until you get more skill points).

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It will be nice make something like is in WoW wich will allows you to move those info numbers and icons somehow with some settings to character on screen…you know what i mean.

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