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Necromancer thoughts

I have now played the Necromancer class to 100 and have a few thoughts. Although it was fun to get to know the new skills overall this class is very weak compared to the other classes. Very hard time in Arena due to the minions being very weak (I even used gear I had from other characters), they drop so quickly. I am not sure if prefix and suffix on my gear work on the Necromancer minions but it sure seems to not be helping. Another thing I noticed on the passive tree “Blood Siphon” which is supposed to give health when you use spells does not work. I think this class could use a spell to slow monsters or pull them away since they come right at you and more or less ignore your minions. Well that is my take on the new class. Hope you can change a few things sometime soon or this will be class that is not used much, but eh its still alpha. Peace

Hi there,

I hope you don’t mind, but I moved the thread to help ensure your feedback is seen.

As our newest class, the Necromancer has had the least time to undergo tuning. We’ll be looking at this as we bring Last Epoch from pre-alpha to alpha (first alpha builds go out in August).

Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback! We appreciate it.