NECROMANCER SUMMONER Last Epoch Build (30-60 Minions)

Hey folks!
This is my second build, and the most played class to date. Reminiscent to classic Diablo 2 summoner we will be controlling the dead, manipulating corpses and trying not to die.
This build utilizes every minion type that’s available: skeletons, golem and wraiths! We will have at least 30 minions on screen at a time, and in most situations even 50-60 is possible.


Mass summon builds are fun to do, but as you state yourself… the lag is incredible.
Managed to nearly crash the game by using sacrifice (chaining sacrifice).

Nice guide (even giving the info that minion regen is pretty darn useless at the moment)

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Hi Guys,

I also love the Necro Summoner but I have done varius things different.
Since the Passiv payback at Chronomancer is cheaper in Beta i maybe trie some things again…

Basically my minions and I survive with ward. Actual i m at Wave 142 with this but need a bit luck with the enemies.
The DMG would be enough but even with all the ward we (Minions and I) can hardly suvive.
Another Problem is that i sometimes die because my Minions block me. So we really need it changed that we always can run through our minions.
And compared to other Builds/Classes it is overall to weak, imho.

Here is a Video, i started with a lvl 19 Hardcore Acolyte to show the mechanics from “Mark for Death” and “Harvest” for Speedleveling (yes even in HC but not Masochist xD).
Later I go on with my lvl 88 Necro showed complete Build, Gear and some Waves in Arena how it works.
But its German, sorry…

Thats how i play:

Really important that u find Rings and Amu with “Turquoise” in its Naming:

I prefer this weapon even with one dead stat, hope to find a better one:

The Skills:

And Passives:

Maybe we find together some improvements. I tried sooo much but nothing feels like more DMG than the actual build and however, the bigger Problem are ripping Minions or Waves with Single Target Void Monsters.



Going to try this build, thanks! Love summon/pet builds.

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