Necromancer SpeedRun Update for Patch 0.7.7d Build

Here’s Patch 0.7.7d update to the necromancer Speedrun char! Now using minions and defense, no longer running exsangouis! Wave 150+ In Arena!

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Thx for the build. Would it be possible to adapt your previous version over to this one? Never tried so I don’t know.

Thats exactly what I did so yes it possible and shouldnt take to long.

Cool Thanks! I’ll give it a shot tomorrow :nerd_face:

awsame job man… i just try it and 112 in arena with absolutlly non-optimalize gear… thx for the build

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Does the video intentionally cutoff at timestamp 12:13 or is it still uploading?

Why do you have “Pale Blood” and “Drink Deep” nodes on Transplant together?

Wasnt intentional but it is the end of the video. Not sure why it dragged out 8 mins of emptyiness

All right mate! Great job as usual. Managed to make the transition and I really like the build. I find it a lot more fun to play than the previous version. I also learned how to transition a class to a new setup in the process so thanks very much!

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That great to hear!

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