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Necromancer Skeletal Mages

This might be something to look at. I am playing necromancer, with a focus on minion build. I was trying out skeletal mages, and put a point in the ability “necrotic mortars”. Yet, after adding a point to it, my mages didn’t cast anything different. They were still only casting their regular range spell, nothing resembling a mortar attack.

If so, you may want to move the topic to the Bug section.

It’s not very flashy and they don’t use it often, so it’s somewhat hard to notice. They do cast it from what I’ve seen, though.

All minions (except companions i think) snapshot with all their stats and abilities.

You need to resummon them, everytime you do changes to the skill spec tree.

when you add or remove a skill point to minion skills you have to resummon the minion to take affect noticed when my golem wasnt red for blood golem til i resummoned and when i removed the skill point he stayed red until i resummoned him. hope this helps :slight_smile:

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No, I tried that. Stop assuming. I tried re-summoning.

I tried resummoning, dont assume anything. I tried numerous solutions.

I had tried it testing against the dummy before patch 0.8.3 to see how CDR and attack speed correlate to the Skeletal Mages’ abilities.

With the Necrotic Mortar ability, when you have the Mages attack the dummy, they throw out 3 regular projectiles at a straight line. Then the “Mortar” is a projectile that’s lobbed like a grenade. I didn’t see any noticeable landing effect or much increased damage, but that’s what the Mortar is supposed to look like.

With minion CDR, the number of regular projectiles before the lobbed projectile go from 3 to 2, so that the mortar is every 3rd hit. But yes, overall not very effective and hard to justify the skill points to invest in it.

I never assumed anything you did.

I just stated how it is.
Since you need to resummon minions to update their stats and abilities, this is objective fact (except for some things like companions), but those doesn’t apply to necromancer).

If it still doesn’t work for you I don’t know, since it’s working for me.

So it would probably be best to post your entire character and skill tree to see if there might be a specific interaction bugging this.