Necromancer Passive 'Crimson Gluttony' Not Working

I’ve been playing necromancer, and the “minion life regen” passive doesn’t seem to be working:
Minion has lost life, I have 5% minion health regen but the life is not moving

I don’t know base numbers for minion’s regen but it’s pbrobably on par with player’s, so 10-20 per second or so. Golems have 35 * (20 + your level + your intelligence) * (100 + minion increased health%) health, so 30000-50000 hp in a typical necro build.

That’s half an hour to heal to full. 5% faster is ~29 minutes.

I was not even level 10 or something like that so it certainly doesn’t have that much HP anyway, but I’ve never seen any regeneration for as long as I could muster to stare :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe it is working but the base regen is at 0 or 0.01 so it is not noticeable, but if that’s the case it should be changed so investing in your passives doesn’t feel useless :).

Maybe their base regen is zero, who knows. Anyways, Gluttony is rather useless as it is now. If you want noticeable regen, try Blood Armor (Necromancer node), it adds flat 2 regen per point.
I would advice against it though. Leech works much better.

Golems specifically don’t have leech, but can be specced to gain up to 20 life on hit (they have AoE attack, and each enemy counts)

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