Necromancer Minion Targeting

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I would like to suggest to adjust/rework how players can target their minions. It is difficult to do it on necromancer minions, even if my cursor highlights for example my Wrathlord, to drop a Dread shade on it, or an Infernal shade on it, I still can give the “buff” to another nearby minion. If I have “single target” buff with a 10-15sec cooldown, than a “missclick” like this is very punishing, especially at higher levels of gameplay.
My suggestion is to let the players use the minion “icons” on the top-left corner, to do a “mouse-over-cast” on the minions. If it is a single minion, than the minion gets the buff. If it’s a group of minions, than maybe the buff can cycle through all the minions (need to press the buff spell key multiple times, and the mana spent each time).
If targeting the minion icons is not possible, a more precise targeting on the player minion would still make the interaction feel better.

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