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Necromancer Arena 8.3 Build GUIDE

Hello , I am Badseed .

That is my first LE guide . I just have played LE 1 month (but aprox 12hours /day since i started) 90% of time with my necro. LVL 100 b4 8.3.

I decided to make a guide cuz i started playing in 8.2 and using guides of other ppl, but in 8.3 i saw it was much better, to experiment and play around what i like. Then feel free to change whatever its better for u. OR ask me wehatever u dont understand of build. Every suggestion will be well apreciated.

I have finished farming gear and last blessings 2night and i have tried arena and i scored with this planner, just how it is linked 249 waves , i can do much more i will try tomorrow to let the waver over 300. Its also very usefull for monos, but for monos i recomend respect some pasives like vitality and defensive points from necromancer tree and add some more points in offensive tree , or in lichh intelligence , cuz this build is tought more than enought. I have done 130-150 corruption empowered monos without any death.

Gear has been hard to get [redacted].


Could you share your filter? Thanks

jesus, that chest piece

i use acolyte heavy filter , not all got is what i need but there is nothing i need on the floor


Filter is built into the planner. Not sure why people keep asking for loot filter :stuck_out_tongue:

They probably haven’t noticed that.

Ive done all I can to spread the word!

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