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Necromancer Abomination's Arrow Nova spell is firing too slowly

Recorded video as example: Arrow nova frequency bug - YouTube

What I’m expecting:
Dead Eye description says the abomination should fire Arrow Nova every 4 seconds (frequency of 0.25 Hz). With 2 points in Horrific Volley, the frequency should be increased by 30%, so a frequency of 0.25*1.3 = 0.325 Hz, which is once every 3.08 seconds.

What is happening:
I marked the timestamps (second.frame) of the first frame I see Arrow Nova firing and got the following results: 28.26, 32.20, 36.16, 40.13. On average, that’s 3 seconds and 25.7 frames. Since this was recorded at 30 fps, that means Arrow Nova is firing every ~3.86 seconds. I confirmed the timings manually with a stopwatch and consistently got results between 3.8s and 3.9s.

In my character stats, I also see “Increased Minion Cast Speed: 56%” which I would expect to further increase the firing frequency of Arrow Nova if that’s supposed to be applied here.

Operating System: Archlinux on kernel 5.14.14, if that matters.

Cast speed only affects the casting animation. Since Arrow Nova frequency is equivalent to a 4s cooldown, cast speed would have no effect on it. Minion CDR might but probably shouldn’t.