Necro - Summon Skeleton Mage - Splintered Dominion doesn't shoot additional projectiles

Hey there,
The mentioned skillnode doesn’t work on

  • normal Mages
  • and Pyromancers.

It works with

  • Cryomancers
  • and the Death Knights’ Hungering Souls

Also it does not work with Necrotic Mortars, but I don’t know if this skill is supposed to have additional projectiles.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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True i’m playing pyromancers and it don’t work at all.

I think what happened here is that Splintered Dominion doesn’t apply to existing Mages. If you resummon the Mages afterwards, the node works fine.

However, there is a separate issue affecting Pyromancers that we’ll look into. Thanks!

You’re right for the normal mages. Somehow i must have missed to resummon them.

But Pyromancers don’t fire any additional projectiles, even if resummoned.

Pyromancers don’t shot multiple projectile even if you resummon them.

Thanks for the reports!

This issue will be resolved in a future update.

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