Necro Summon questions

I have a few questions about things that I noticed with minions and I’m wondering if anyone can please help clarify how these interactions work –

  • Do minions snapshot their stats at the time they’re summoned?
    • I swapped some gear out while at testing dummy but it didn’t seem to update any damages until I resummoned everyone again.
  • If minions snapshot at summon, how does that impact Dread Shade’s AoE buff?
    • Volatile Zombies - I’m assuming they would need to be inside the AoE when they explode (Dread Shade attached to a melee minion nearby) but the possible snapshotting when summoned thing is making me question it.
  • Clarification on Death Knight skill interactions -
    • Can Death Knights cast all active abilities like Profane Oblation and Undead Mortars?
    • What are the scaling tags for Undead Mortars and Death Blossom? It doesn’t specify.
    • Gravetide (+flat spell damage) - does this only affect active abilities for death knights, and not their base damage? Is there really any reason to choose it at all?

Update re: Death Knight interactions –

Using Ravens’ Rise gloves which give +2 Spell Minion Skills, when I initially respecced out of Gravetides and Undead Mortars and took Death Knights, I lost spell tag and so I lost those two points. As soon as I added Death Blossom, it added Spell tag back to Skeleton Mage and gave me the +2 skill points back.

Death Knights can still use profane oblation/mortars but they will rarely use their melee attack if they have oblation since they’ll prioritize using that if possible.

I think as soon as the zombie is out of the dread shade range it loses all of its buffs. I’m basing this off of see how my stats change when running in and out of dread shade range.

My question is do necro minions snapshot passives/skill nodes as well? Really annoying having to resummon everything when I make small tweaks to my build.