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Necro/Lich viable to play without minions at all?

I’m looking for a build that runs no minions at all and maybe uses melee, that said melee is not a requirement but would be nice, i’m seeing all these excellent skills on Acolyte Necro and Lich but i cannot use them because my hotbar is full of minions and i’m looking to fix that.


Lich can work well without any minions. Keep in mind Wandering Spirits are not minions and thus will not benefit from any minion stats.

You can play one of the Deathseal builds (YT or this forum).

Boardman says no, he has no non-minion Necro/Lich builds & absolutely none of them use Plague Bearer’s Staff.

Thanks very much Boardman i was hoping for a more generic melee fighter without lich transform but this looks ok too, sad that the build will be nerfed as the video states, i understand why but i’ll have to keep looking for now… Hate using a build just to see it nerfed as you probably do as well, but i understand we are early access.

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