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Necro and damage spells/melee

Hello all,

I am just brainstorming some Necro ideas, plus from what I’ve seen I think the dev’s are encouraging (pushing?) the use of damaging spells/melee with a necro so you’re not just a blob of minions gacking something.

The question I have is what spells/melee do you guys prefer? I’ve tried a bunch and to be honest with a necro none of them seem to float my boat much. I’m trying to work on a melee/harvest version right now, which seems OK, but I don’t want to assume either. Rip Blood is decent, but the rest of the spells seem lacking I think.


I’ve seen many players using Harvest with Necros recently.

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Marrow Shard and Hungering Souls have great minion nodes within there tree.
Also Drain Life can be used as mana regenerator if you drain your own minions.

Rip Blood also is great for both offense and defense.

As Necromancer you are not really forced to use an active skill, it really depends on the build and your preferences.

Probably because there is a new Suppoert Unique revolving around using Harvest on a Summoner Build.