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Nag's Wardswarm Speedrunner - Immortal Swarmblade build 0.8.5 Last Epoch



Your build planner link on Reddit doesn’t work.

Thank you Llama :smiley:

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The linked build seems not finished. There are only 3 of 5 skills descibed there

looks really cool a little more info would go a long way being I am new

Yes, the build does not need more.

I didn’t put more because what is showed is all the build needs, but I see it confuses people more than it helps them realize the build is very flexible which is the intention, I won’t do it on my next build :smiley:

That reminds me of a build by McFluffin. It was a Warpath build that had only three skills: Warpath, Anomaly and Sigils. No need for more.
I don’t find this confusing, but I understand why people do.

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I can understand it, it may not NEED more but if you have the slots then might as well go wild even if the additional skill does 1DPS, also emergencies. Also OCD, empty skill slots? I may as rename myself to SuicideBagel.

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