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Nag's Poison Warpath 0.8.5


Thank you Llama :smiley:

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Hello! Wanted try this build but I can’t for the life of me get the axe to drop. I’ve gotten 4 shields sadly but I assume it wouldn’t work without the axe as well. I’ve tried farming both empowered and non to no avail.

Yes, you’ll want the axe too for this build to take advantage of the set bonus. It’s not too rare though, keep playing and you’ll find one soon enough

Dread says this isn’t the best warpath build, lol who to believe? :smiley:

Welp, make these two and play them, then decide!

They both look fine, so ‘best’ to me is just ‘Able to breeze end game. 726840 corruption orobyss/all dungeons and Omega god transformation viable.’ lol good enough idea for the builds. Cant see myself just copying a build, though.

Best is a little bit clickbait and subjective, I did it because everyone else gets high on their own farts in the titles so I might as well play along :smiley:

I mean technically I think nothing holds a candle to my ward warpath build posted a few days ago, but obviously that one will be nerfed :smiley:

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