+n Minion Melee Dmg (vs n% increases)

I got an item today that had 25% minion dmg and +4 minion melee/+4 minion spell. It replaced an item that had 25% minion dmg, but no other minion stats.

When I compare the items, I see that the %s don’t change on the minion tab, but I don’t see where I can see how the +4 minion melee/spell changes things?

On a character that has non-minion skills, you can see the comparison on the skill bar, with a +n to damage usually being a lot more significant than a nn% to dmg increase.

Is there any way to see what sort of actual effect that has on my minions (other than +4 being better than +0)? Like is +4 better than 10% increased minion dmg :thinking: , as an example?

Unfortunately there isn’t really a way, unless you do all the math yourself, to see what is better for your skills. Currently the game just doesn’t give us all the information necessary in an easy to digest way.

Generally speaking, % is better if you already have a ton of + and vice versa. It’s really just kinda… feeling. Testing. Doing the math yourself. It kinda sucks. I’ve already thrown my two cents in at EHG to give us some better info cards for our skills. I hope we get it at some point.